Karlhaytsom Brandenburg Format

People, in 1993 izobrevshie MP3, today announced a new music format. Others including Sela Ward, offer their opinions as well. It is designed to provide users with more diverse content, which means that it will become a direct competitor to a recent iTunes LP. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hedvig Hricak offers on the topic.. Norwegian developer Dagfinn Bach, who worked on the first MP3-player, has created a new format for digital music, which he called MusicDNA. According to Brandenburg, MusicDNA brings together several ideas in recent years. While the web service-enabled new format is a closed testing.

In test mode, it will launch in the spring, and the normal – in late summer. MusicDNA file can store up to 32 GB of additional information, such as video, music, images, web pages and so on. With all that he is dynamically updatable format, which means that the buyer can receive updated information after the purchase. The development was completed Norwegian Dagfinn Bach and the German investor Karlhaytsom Brandenburg. The latest in a speech said: “I think it brought together a number of ideas that have remained unsold for a long time. I remember 10 years ago, many people talked about what we need improve conditions for consumers purchasing music legally. Appeared a good way to do it. ” The inventors hope that by the end of the summer format will be widely available.

Highlight the Article

Loudly read out loud from time to time casting a glance at the imaginary audience (you can put family members or big toy). Achieve confident behavior: you look at the audience and the text, your speech sounds freely. The next exercise, retelling text. Read the passage, no longer than five sentences and retell it, trying to transfer parts. Pay special attention to the transfer of the definitions (unless of course they have). Ensure that it was quiet, with no pauses, no such auxiliary words as "uh" and "uh." Do not leave pending proposals, bring his idea to kontsa.Sokraschaem text . For this exercise, take a long article (or a finished piece) and cut it. After the first reduction must remain somewhat proposals, and after the second – one sentence.

This will help you understand what the words in the text are key to what words kept tekst.Vydelyaem keywords and create a summary of the article. Read the article or a small passage and highlight it, create a summary of key slova.Dalee keywords – ie write them. Movie star shines more light on the discussion. Immediately think of the synopsis of what you may find it easier to work, how issued summary will be easier to understand. You arrange the words a column? In the line? Connect to the phrase? Spend between arrows? Combine them into groups with icons? Now retell story in their own words, based on the compiled notes. Repeatedly retell the article, each time using different words.

Change the text. Making the article more bulk on the content, adding to her own opinion. Many writers such as Hedvig Hricak offer more in-depth analysis. Doing it this way. First, think about what you would wanted to say on this topic, what is your own opinion on this issue. Formulate their views in oral form, and add keywords to a ready-made notes. Again retell the article, now with his opinion. Create the first performance-based synopsis of key words. Best of all, if the theme of this first show will be simple, even mundane. For example, summing up the day or any event. Think about that, "as all gone. " Highlight the most relevant results, or make the most important findings. Pick up for these keywords. Make a summary based on keywords. Tell me in five minutes about the day or event.

Wolfgang Bergmann

Maybe this is all just an invention because UNICEF needs money, that they in turn a few corrupt people in play the hands. How did it happen only so far, how could we be so hard-boiled and unfeeling? Have we lost our minds or understand? No, this is not so, it was always thus. If we look at the history books, we won’t find anything that indicates that it was ever different. This is centuries, so yes millennia. The real question, which is all of us, to a few individuals who already know it, must we: “we want to wake up and want we are finally this disaster and, for always change and understand that it should go on”. Get more background information with materials from Adam Sandler. Is there a way to change? I’m saying there’s this way. There is always a way and many roads lead to Rome. We can and must go not all him, we can also not everyone sees him, but who should want to see him and make a start. For more information see Brahman Capital. In this way, politics, the sciences, religions, cultures, etc., can this die already centuries have observed and it seen to, Yes, it not robbed a little help, that can logically do way only people who want to do something at all, who understand and are convinced to change something. There must be people who know that they are entering new territory, the there are no realistic constraints, after which it could be directed. Attempting it further with the traditional means, UNICEF will tell us 2011 that 27,000 children die every day from nowhere and it will of course only taken note. A large meeting of mind, reason and intelligence expertise, if it must be policy, is what needs the current present, humanity and our world. A global solution to all problems must be sought, a new world order and world in democracy and peace for all. Perhaps an approach to the discussion under download: “www.weltversorgungsgesellschaft.de”. Wolfgang Bergmann

Albert Einstein

What to you you annoy to him, Don Miguel, is the one of Fuerteventura placed diagonally Torrent, in an indefinable tone able to combine socarronera with the respectful deference. Before the alluded one talked back, Torrent became towards me: Is that it was there, deportee by dictablanda of Primo de Rivera, the father of Jose Antonio. And dale with calling soft to the dictatorship of Cousin! It was brutal and absurd a dictatorship like all. And, which is worse: useless. But you took advantage of his stay in Fuerteventura to write continued pricking the other to him. I there was surprised, igalo well, been strange.

That is to say, taken to a strange place, extracted of my intellectual habitat, eradicated, since they do with some vegetables, to transplant me to a desert. What it annoys to Don Miguel to him returned to explain Gallego to me is that one must now be a paradise and when he was, however, was no sand more. Sand, an immense sea, three villagers and two camels Because yes, that also is a paradox: that the hell of then has now become the voluntary tourist destiny of other beings. But thus it is the life: a continuous change, a permanent contradiction. All the things are ephemeral by nature. And changeable. And, speaking of this, by the way, meet you it theory of relativity of Albert Einstein? I in conditions was not for undergoing another examination. And, less, one so complicated and abstruse one as that one. But before finding the way of to loosen to me of him, doctor Villalobos came in my aid without trying it, superposing another question: With the permission of the director, before you answer his question, he has been able to see the exhibition on my trajectory and my time that finishes closing? Then no, the truth, because I only do awhile that I am this way.

Harry Potter

But in the end to make a choice with the most difficult side – the good, in fact go up the hill is always much harder than rolling down the hill. Is this not an example to follow? For all their problems, forgetting himself, he walked to the truth through the most terrible thing for a human death. True was said in the preface: 'Death crosses the world, as people cross the sea ' It is everywhere, we may encounter with her at any moment, and because we are afraid, afraid for myself, afraid that it is not ready. Harry is afraid of the others that did not have time to do something for others. He does not think he is ready to die or not – because it is afraid of him not so different. How about this, and says in the book, the love of his saves. Others including Jorge Perez, offer their opinions as well.

What else in the world is stronger? In short, come to terms that constitute the true meaning of the book – the most pure feelings about and for what makes life worth living. They also tell us how to live. Harry Potter books, of course, an idealized story, dressed in a, as practice shows, attractive and effective form. By the same author: Tony Parker. But if we ignore the form and leave only the essence, the meaning of the book does not change. It's one thing for which all is that for which we live: for the sake of righteousness on earth, for the love of friends and loved ones, for the sake of happy days, for the sake of the generosity of strangers, for the sake of his home, for the courage and boldness. For an ideal worth striving for.

Always. No matter how dark was now a reality. And if such stories exist, then it's someone who needs it, so people reading books, passed through all the good and great light, implicit in these images. A light can not be sharpened, it will sooner or later breaks loose, blinding everyone and everything around the life-giving warmth, and giving strength to live on. So, that read the book, Lord, read on. But look closely, the meaning and essence, rather than on form. Maybe in some, at first glance, simple stories and you will find answers to questions that are more worried about it all for you. ps In this article described a purely subjective, and perhaps a bit pompous-sounding point of view. Nevertheless, the author sincerely believes in the most useful and important way for everyone to read the book which has been quite a long time does not give herself peace of mind.

Michael Oehme Dallas

It was a cult series that alias made famous villain J.R. Ewing,. Larry Hagman. “Especially his bright cowboy hat, his always perfect tailored suit, his distinctive” laugh and be handle to the Whiskey glass after a hard “work day. 21 Years after the last episode ran a new season of “Dallas” in the American channel TNT.

And she was the most successful new series at the big US emitters with average 6.9 million viewers. RTL acquired the broadcasting rights for Germany and starts broadcasting from January 2013 J.R. will be seen only in the first six episodes be. He died quite suddenly at the age of 81 years of cancer. Larry Hagman had little in common together with the character J.R. and the machinations of the oil barons: he made advertising for solar energy instead, distanced himself from fellow Texan George W.

Bush and supported Barack Obama. Sometimes, Hollywood is just Hollywood. The series fits occurrences, at the time when Obama recently announced, thanks to new methods and previously economically not to erschliessender to make the United States an exporter – and no longer a country of importer of oil and gas. By 2020, he wants the economic war in terms of oil and gas Russia and Saudi Arabia”explain and more influence on world events. “At the latest at the point would J.R.. put his famous smile, treat yourself to another whiskey and a good boy” send over his lips. He’s right, because it is unexpected. Obama stands for the further development of renewable energy in the United States. No President has achieved so much in this area, such as he. Obama is but also for this and here it should be said that the United States may lose not connecting to the world market. If the United States for the next few decades is energy self-sufficient, they can afford it, to withdraw its soldiers from many hotbeds of the world. Let’s see who’s going to jump up in this vacuum? I think we will see it soon, that Arab sheiks (must) receive significantly smaller, Chinese Government emissaries. Namely the need for the oil that will continue to run the machinery. China and India are linked to the hunger for oil and gas just not emerging economies, but growth regions. Raw materials, which do not have them. Interesting for me is as much traveller through all towns in Germany, that the actual topic can assign none so far. I explained the relationship – a taxi driver in Stuttgart and he was completely amazed. With all due respect, the press here failed on full-width. I saw a headline in the Bild Zeitung: United States discovered unsuspected energy resources! No really prominent post in the FAZ: In the United States oil and gas gushing out full pipes! A failure of the PR agents? I don’t think so. First, one wants to safely wait, whether the prophecy by Obama proves to be indeed be true. The fracking from oil fields and the development of oil sands are known for years and at least environmental disaster (where is here the outcry of the Greens?). And of course our converts Chancellor Angela Merkel after the closure of the Kernmailer given by painful higher energy prices for consumers now not even use, that our American friends, with an abundance of oil and gas haussieren go. Yet this is beneficial, because if countries like Nigeria no longer serve the United States, we could buy there but actually cheaper. Or not?

Fall Certificate

You intend to make a purchase online? Spend a little time to inspect the alleged seller. Currently, 90% of sellers on the Russian Internet use payment system WebMoney, in any case, offer it as one of the payment options. This seller and the type of payment are the most reliable in terms of Russian buyers. In a question-answer forum San Antonio Spurs was the first to reply. Do not use the services of vendors without a certificate WebMoney. Check the certificate from your WebMoney the seller, usually a PC or an initial certificate or, at least, the first of the certificates of business class – a formal one. Certificate icon should be on the front page or on the price list, perhaps on any other page on which you make a purchase, but find it necessary.

The Internet is now a big competition and we can always find a seller certificate. In the case of – or fraud by the Qualified Vendor to any of the these certificates, you can apply to it a claim to arbitration WebMoney. Brahman Capital Corp. has much experience in this field. The reason for filing a claim can be not only a fraud on the Internet, but also the delays in delivery of paid goods, or lower its quality, etc. Lackadaisical dealer, after verification, will be punished, until the account is closed and the site. Professional con artists do not have passports WebMoney, because know that after the first deceptions of their accounts closed. Now you have to do is very simple and simple steps to verify the seller who defrauded the majority did not, apparently, on ignorance.

Pro Sky France Refers To New Office

New and innovative products complement the Pro sky portfolio Cologne, July 1, 2010 fresh wind in the French branch of Pro sky: the specialist for customized flights and advertising in the aviation environment has moved into new business premises in the Central ninth arrondissement of Paris. At the same time, a new management at the start went. New head of operations in France is the experienced aviation expert Gilles Meynard. The existing for around 10 years French branch of Pro sky has taken attractive premises in the ninth arrondissement of Paris under new management. The Office is now centrally located in the immediate vicinity of the Boulevard Haussmann. The staff take care of the entire French market with the aircraft charter services, line tickets for groups, corporate jets, airport & inflight services and media solutions. The new French Director Gilles Meynard is an experienced and renowned aviation expert. Gilles has gained new customers within a very short time and is the growth of Pro sky in France advance”, says Armin Truger, owner of the company.

Gilles Meynard reinforced the international Pro sky management since 2010. In his twenty-year career, he worked for the French airlines TAT and AOM and headed the French branch of the British Charter company air partner. Also in the product portfolio, some innovations are emerging Pro sky France. Currently, the company in the French market introduces an insurance-based guarantee against potential airline bankruptcies. The international Pro sky strategy is based on reliability and competence and will always offer a particular customer benefits”, commented Armin Truger. The insurance-based warranty and more new products are good examples of this effort. ” In addition, the Paris Office leads the development of Pro sky systems to evaluate the quality of service by air carriers. Gilles Meynard explains the idea behind the project: our staff lay emphasis, our customers exactly the airlines recommend that actually meet their expectations.” The French Director is a proven specialist in this segment.

Gilles Meynard directs the company’s own system to evaluate airlines on an international level. The management of Pro sky aims at a growth of the number of employees for the remainder of the year. So, at least two air charter specialists should be set in this year. With new colleagues we ensure also high customer orientation as on strong team spirit”, so Meynard. He is looking for employees who want to get involved and help shape the company. Pro sky: Pro sky is the reliable partner for tailor-made fly and advertising in the aviation environment. The portfolio of services includes aircraft Charter, line tickets for groups, corporate jets, airport & inflight services and media solutions. At the time, Pro sky is represented with offices in Cologne, Paris and Sao Paulo. Per sky airplane GmbH Hohenstaufenring 29-37 50674 Cologne Tel: 0221-920440 E-Mail:

Entertaining with Colors

This color is one of the most commonly used in rooms. The Green, as we know, hospitals and doctors, most are decorated in green, which is one of the most prominent colors of nature, as you know, harmonize easily with any other room. The pastel colors are those that contain lots of white and create comfortable and spacious environment in any room. Violet confer an air of serenity because it is associated with love. It is used in bedrooms and living rooms. Credit: Related Group-2011. Neutral colors are the different shades of white, gray and black.

Blend well in almost all environments. They can be elegant and impressive. For example, white and black make a great palette to add more colors. This is only talking to decorate, as we shall see later treatment later. – What are the contributions of each of those colors in each of those rooms? Red: Vital and exhilarating.

The red color is suitable for decorating places of constant activity and also places holidays, entertainment … But the rooms decorated in red appear smaller than they really are. In its therapeutic effect highlight its stimulating action of the circulatory system, very energizing and aphrodisiac, against fatigue, being strongly advised to fight the melancholy, sadness, loss of appetite, etc. Yellow: Anti-fatigue and mental. It is ideal to decorate the workplace and stimulating the psyche and inspiration, but must be used with complementary colors such as violet. Yellow caution with very pure state can be disorienting effect. The color is more intellectual and may be associated with a great mind or a mental deficiency.

Personal Message – Michael Waiwai

Michael Wolfle has Berlin as an active consultant in his Berlin investment the former ProSieben is founder & Chairman Michael Wolfle GmbH as an active consultant of the Management Board in his Berlin investment MenschDanke”entered. MenschDanke uses an active community of over 1.5 million unique visitors with its three Web platforms GutscheinPony bargains Fuchs, my deal monthly, which certifies above-average credibility editorial product reviews, test results and discount notes. MenschDanke GmbH three sides, one goal: make shopping a highlight for every online shoppers attractive coupons and bargains. San Antonio Spurs gathered all the information. The MenschDanke GmbH combines three platforms around the topic of saving since 2012:, and. Due to the high quality demands has managed the company, to reach more than 1.5 million users and to win numerous renowned cooperation partners such as eBay, Zalando or image. Bargain Fox Schnaeppchenfuchs.com is a 2007 based weblog, which offers the user current bargains, promotions and coupons.

The quality of the offerings is in the foreground. Experienced editors do the research work with the utmost care and provide the readers a qualified assessment of the product. It aims to find the truth behind promising advertising. Only the real bargains make it on the page. A recipe for success, which is well accepted by the users: in January 2008, there were around 2,500 visitors, so the number five years rose to 636.317 visitors (comparison month January 2013). Editorial articles provide a certain entertainment factor, making the Browse on the Web page as a leisure activity is perceived. GutscheinPony GutscheinPony is an online portal for coupon codes, discounts and bargains.

Free and without registration of users in over 2,000 online stores saves money through use of the codes. The codes will be displayed immediately and can be solved directly. The portal is characterized by the timeliness and Functionality of the coupons out. Our editorial team brings a smile to the lips users through daily research and careful consideration of the codes. My deal short, carefully researched articles provide the user a wide range of current deals. The weblog scores with its users primarily through interactivity: support chat, questions are answered by editors in real time. The combination of the best offers and direct communication among users since its Foundation successfully assumed not only on the Web page, but also on Smartphones. The app is the most successful in the area of bargains with over 700,000 downloads. Press contact: MenschDanke GmbH Christine Welvis 030 / 20 88 92 60