Vidya Music Festival

News from the Yoga Vidya e.V. From 13th to 16th of may the 6th Yoga takes place in Horn-bad Meinberg under the patronage of Thomas D Vidya Music Festival. The visitors waiting for eventful days with Indian grooves\”musical yoga classes, workshops, and much more. Music is in the air, it is called again from May 13 to 16, when the Yoga Vidya e.V. around Europe’s largest Yoga Retreat House in Horn-bad Meinberg hosted the 6th Yoga Vidya Music Festival, which this year again numerous visitors are expected to. Thomas D, of renowned solo artist and member of one of the most successful German band (die Fantastischen Vier\”), as the patron of the Festival could be won this year. Eventful days with Indian grooves, musical yoga classes, workshops, and Ayurvedic exotic delights await him as well as all other visitors. Internationally renowned artist Festival mood, spread for four days because: music helps to relieve stress and discomfort. Music moves people. Music is the best medicine. The Festival officially begins at Thursday, May 13, at 8: 00 with the opening address, followed by the opening concert by Hassan Dyck & band. While a mix of trance, minimal jazz and Blues is available, based on Oriental sequences and texts derived from most of the Sufi tradition. The Festival ends on 16 may at 12 noon with the closing concert of Stefanie Bosch, waiting with a special treat and the combination of flute and Tabla opened fascinating new worlds of sound. Other highlights of the Festival are the appearances of Satyaa & Pari, Dave Stringer, Angelika, Nanak Dev Singh, Maharani Fritsch de Navarrete, and many other artists. Framework programme there is dozen workshops in addition to the concerts spread over the days, to learn E.g. drums, dance and voice training. Dances from Africa, India and Hawaii are on the program. Classical dance performances and musical theatre then delight both the eye and the ear.

Music Festival

Jazz on the Danube Festival in Straubing with Bobby McFerrin and ‘ I + I ‘ Straubing (tvo). Jazz, soul, Latin and funk at its best: Also is the Gaubodenstadt Straubing for a few days in the year 2010 to the navel of the European music world. From July 15th to 18th will be at Jazz on the Danube Festival”short JAD – the world stars the Mike in his hand. Bobby McFerrin, the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club and Matt Bianco are the headliners of this year’s 24th Festival. “A pinch of pop Anette Humpe and Adel Tawil control alias I + I”, one of the most exciting pop duos of in Germany, at. From the small Jazz event in Vilshofen an der Donau, which was an insider tip, jazz on the Danube Festival has become”moulted to the musical big event that annually attracts world stars and thousands of guests to Straubing. Legends such as B.B. King and superstars such as seal stood on the stage. As well as the audience enjoy the incredibly relaxed atmosphere of the Festival, which not only with an incredible musical versatility, but also comparatively cheap Prices shines. The crowning of JAD in 2010 will be the appearance of Bobby McFerrin. On Sunday evening, July 18, the legend of jazz improvisation with the by Roger Treece of led European Chamber Choir of Europe in Straubing guest, one of only four concerts, he returns this year in Germany. “The fans also for I will travel far + I”, on Thursday, July 15th, give the go-ahead for jazz on the Danube Festival. “Songs like by the same Star” or so it should be “numerous awards and top rankings put the duo in the charts. The Friday is devoted to Latin American and Cuban sounds and rhythms. With the appearance of Paula Morelenbaum, a long cherished wish fulfilled goes for Organizer and JAD founder Heinz Huber. The Grand Dame of the Bossa Nova is accompanied by the SWR big band and trumpet player Joo Kraus as a special guest. Another Festival highlight the Orquesta Buena marked her Vista Social Club. The formation come through the film to cult status is reinforced by Omara PORTUONDO. Jazz, Funk, Latin and soul characterise the Festival Saturday. Already in the morning several pubs in the town centre to the Jazz Brunch with music download. From 15: 00 it’s blow by blow: only play the winners of this year’s junior competition, the Heiko Fischer Quartet. This is followed by the Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca and the singer Mayra on r, also from Cuba. Then, one of the most important formations of the British new jazz is available with Matt Bianco”on stage. Rousing bizarre brass sounds presents JAD brass with the Austrian Band Mnozil”on Sunday, July 18, for brunch, before evening, Bobby McFerrin is the final chord. Information: Office of tourism, Theresienplatz 20 94315 Straubing, Tel. 09421/944-307, fax 09421/944-103,,,. Get free brochures and info Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, free Info Hotline 0800 / 1212111, fax 0941 the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association e.v., Bavarian / 58539 39,.,

Movie Masterpieces

In today's cinema is very rare films, notable of the true film fans. One of these masterpieces – the film ''. After watching this masterpiece (in a different way and not say) the letter does not consist in words, words do not add up to a proposal. Soul rages, chuvtsva overflows inside pun. Tears do not dry up, confused thoughts I think everyone should watch this film at least once in life: to refresh the senses and mind. They (and the film as a whole, and in particular) are taught lyubitvsem heart, to appreciate the loyalty and friendship, to appreciate what a small, furry or not, but still such a good creature, which runs side by side and see the complete devotion to his eyes, and in this reliability of existing small to see anything more or someone more The film raises questions about his friends about a relationship with them, and generally as a whole about the friendship in your life Show this movie to your child, see for yourself. Teach your children from childhood to the present natoyaschey friendship and love. Perhaps you think that I am very impressionable. Maybe I will not argue. But I do not think it's his fault. I am glad that when I watched this beautiful film, I was able to experience all that we wanted to show the author. I can learn to love in the most faithful creatures on earth – a dog Want every person on earth was a little like , because then our world would be much better.

Gennady MIDI

Very low bit rate, and as you know, consistent quality, but for slow internet is very well suited. Now for the Midi. The introduction of digital music has created a fundamentally new format for recording MIDI (Musical Instruments Digital Interface), which means Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Need to realize that MIDI format is not a sound recording, as such. In the stream of MIDI commands are recognized exclusively only “orders” sampler or synthesizer for the implementation of actions aimed at extracting sounds. And the MIDI protocol itself is not transmitted sound vibrations to it, but only command to display it. These “orders” in the process of sound comes on a modern computer concepts are not so many and they cover the basic parameters of sound: the sound of the instrument, pitch, volume, duration, Pan, FM and many more. Almost all modern electronic instruments and sound cards work with the format MIDI. It was created to ensure that the instruments of different companies (synthesizers, samplers) could equally respond to the same team. When playing a midi file data stream is passed the device generates sound (sampler / synthesizer) – the channel number, pitch, about which key to press, with what strength, duration, some pedal and a lot of different information. At the same time can be heard 16 different instruments. In 1982, the Association of MIDI-instrument was developed standard General MIDI (GM). It the most commonly used, despite the fact that later created three more species. GM has 16 channels, a standard pot of musical instruments, where every instrument is fixed a permanent serial number. In 128 melodic timbres bank (including electronic) and 47 percussion instruments arranged for 10 channels (each key corresponds to a percussion instrument). A frequently used format – a standard MIDI file (SMF – Standard MIDI FIle). This is the format for storing the recorded data from a sequencer, whether hardware or software. There are 16 channels, with MIDI tracks of different instruments. Every track – it’s recorded music of any party tool. And any sequencer is compatible with GM, reads about the same, these music files. That is, it reads information about the used instrument, pitch, their duration, loudness, etc. For example, if recorded the guitar, in any sequencer will sound just guitar and no other tool. Another thing is that this guitar can be a different sound quality – it depends on the quality of the sampler or synthesizer. AND yet, on any track, you can assign any instrument (of 128) of the bank’s standard GM, and only 10 channel is used exclusively for percussion instruments. We can say that MIDI-recording – it is like musical notation for a sequencer or PC sound card, reading a midi format, with high precision position of each audio setting. And add the important fact that the MIDI information is very small in terms of memory, which is very convenient and economical. This, of course, not all and not complete, but that so far and done. Everything. Thank you for your attention. Good luck in your endeavors.