William Shakespeare

They will leave the time to pass. Nobody will be made responsible by the carnage. Nobody knows or nobody wants to decide the problem. The politicians will continue arguing ‘ ‘ sex of anjos’ ‘. They want a solution? They create laws that compel all the politicians, of any species to only keep its children in public college. That I know, this project already was vetoed by you same. Why? Because the children you are better of what the children of whom they pay to you? That is discrimination! Or because, really, they are not interested in deciding the problem to you? EDUCATION: He will be that a professor is less important for the nation that one politician? To the majority of politicians, without any preparation for the position and that they are there for enjoying of ‘ ‘ immunities parlamentares’ ‘ , the routes of the nation have as responsibility and monthly gain more than a hundred of thousand of cruises. How much earns a professor? What is responsible for the route that our descendants will give to this Brazil? In mine to understand they are not interested you in this; your children will immigrate for other countries with the richness hoarded for you, many times in inconfessveis ways. He would not be just to say that all are classified in this type of politician, but is not just also to say that they do not have no responsibility in the subject, therefore ‘ ‘ who is silent, consente’ ‘ all are there for seeing, of close, the procedures of the cambada one.

Mika Hidaka

Thank you very much for the biscuits. – No where. O yasumi Nasai, Akio-san. Good night, Akio. Since then I was given the key quarter and said it was still early to eat. If I wanted I could go get something to eat with it. I replied that ideally it would be another day. And I would expect them to bring to the quarter Aya Hiroshi. She, meanwhile understood perfectly. I was quite shocked, frightened since she learned that he was mate Hiroshi. I had many doubts about its expression scary, but I did not ask. He said goodbye to me very carefully. I also. But then I started thinking how Hiroshi acted when he went to see. As if it were nothing. And the beautiful girl who was at his side, called Mika Hidaka, who did not react. I was quite disappointed in him. It was quite ironic to me that I have not said anything. When she left I ate 2 biscuits in a second, were totally rich and good. I was filled at once, they were delicious. It was more of the 9 pm. At about 10 pm, with a terrible dream I hear someone knocks on the door. Then stand next to me see what happens through the eye of the door. I knew who he was. He was the roommate of mine named Aya Hiroshi. Seeing only opened the door and went to my bed to sleep. He said: Excuse me, I did not mean to treat you badly again.