Palm Grove

There are two types of taxis in Marrakech: large taxis and taxis small. All small taxis are metered, so they must only pay the to dial the taximeter, unless they want to, in addition, any tip the taxi driver. A journey by Gueliz should not cost more than 10 dirhams and between 50 and 70 dirhams to go to the Palm Grove. In terms of big taxis, they must negotiate the price of the journey before leaving and it is likely that they are sharing the cab with other users. 11 EXPLORING THE MEDINA AND IN THE POPULAR NEIGHBORHOODS. If you would like to know more then you should visit Adam Sandler. I recommend to spend some time to wander aimlessly around the medina, which ignore the map for awhile and explore the small alleyways filled with life and charm that are outside the tourist circuit. Marrakech is a city that is full of surprises and contrasts and that needs a little adventurous spirit by his party to disclose its mysteries. Also worth a visit many neighborhoods outside the Center and away from the tourist neighborhoods of Gueliz and Hivernage if you want to discover the multiple faces of the ochre city. 12 MINT TEA AND SHISHA. Something that you can not miss in Marrakesh is the tea with Mint. Sit comfortably in a cafe, under an umbrella, and enjoy a delicious, aromatic tea with Mint pouring of the most skillful and spectacular way. Also, in some places you can enjoy also smoking a shisha, a kind of water pipe usually used for smoking tobacco or tobamel in Morocco. This specially designed to be smoked shisha or hookah tobacco paste is made of fermenting it with molasses and pulp of different fruit to give you a flavor and fruity aroma. 13 RIADS. The riads are traditional residences of Morocco located in the heart of the medina and organized around a tree-lined courtyard. These restored family homes have become comfortable and charming guest houses which have retained their structure and original atmosphere. The riads offer your guests an opportunity to enjoy the experience of the old case of the city without giving up the comfort and modern conveniences. Well come to Marrakech and enjoy its gastronomy and its entertainment, its history and its historical sites, its beautiful gardens and museums, of the fantastic hotels in Marrakech and, above all, its warm and hospitable inhabitants. Stay in one of the innumerable and typical riads in Marrakech, or even in a villa in Marrakech, where you can enjoy the charm and elegance of this city in an absolutely incomparable environment. Bon voyage and happy stay!

StepsForChildren Goes Ohnsorg-Theater

Invite actors for a good purpose of Hamburg (mk) over a blank schedule they can not complain really. Uwe Friedrichsen has an entire season of just his Schwank classic Grandpa warrt verkofft “across the stage and Jasper Vogt presented”Ringelnatz and his brothers”in the 99 Club three days later. Yet the two actors take the time for a Matinee in favor of hamburgers on February 17 StepsForChildren Foundation and the Hospice at the monastery of Helene. De Unkel un-nesia nephew”means the joint programme at Friedrichsen and Vogt will present selected samples and the common, brand new CD. Fans get their copy right on-site sign the opportunity is to make both actors have anything against the one or other photo by and with their visitors. For the charming moderation of the Matinee Ulf Ansorge (SAT1) guaranteed the port musicians offer stylish background music”. Tony Parker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Also the Ohnsorg-Theater has two upcoming premieres (India” on March 13 and de Chorproov”on April 27) a packed schedule. Yet the theatre maker in the Centre have said to spontaneous and free their premises for the occasion. There are therefore not only at the known sales outlets, but also directly at the Ohnsorg checkout the tickets for the Matinee. With StepsForChildren, a relief organization in the field of vision of the Theater audience is moved, who mainly takes care of orphaned, traumatized children and young people in Namibia. These are successfully guided through the work of volunteers on the ground to achieve an independent perspective on life. All single – and sub-projects are in fact applied to work at least break even, and as a result of donations and aid to be independent. The organization currently consists of two foundations, a trust and a foundation. Its founder, Dr. Michael Hoppe, has a powerful organisational structure for the management of the growing tasks positions in Namibia, Germany and of Switzerland and a created a dense network of helping hands. Now includes a growing number of entrepreneurs and celebrities, committed to the goals of welfare. This group of people brings his social and business contacts in the Organization’s work and creates a more broader basis for the achievement of the common objectives. The Matinee is a visible component to do so on February 17. “Contact: Matinee at the Ohnsorg-Theater 17.02.2013 at 11:00 Uwe Friedrichsen and Jasper Vogt de Unkel un nephew be” Heidi-cable-Platz 1 / Centre 20099 Hamburg

Borough Market reveals what events you may in London don’t miss Munich October 10, 2011. Real-estate developer may help you with your research. When the summer is already over and the end of the year draws, London flowers in a new light. Almost every week a different Festival, which both attracts people from all over the world and locals. reveals what you can experience in the city away from the classic sights. We want to show our customers a most authentic picture of their destination. Therefore, we have put together some tips to enable them the city behind the tourist paths to get to know.”says Christian Nowak, Germany Chief of On, vacationers will find up to October 16 special bargains in the British capital. “” In London, there are more than just fish & chips “A selection of the best restaurants there is in Mayfair”, a district in the West of London, to the District of the city of Westminster”belongs. In Mayfair”internationality is capitalized: of Middle Eastern, about French to Italian cuisine found here everything. “Vacationers, the culinary size of London’s still sure that want to, should necessarily through Borough market” stroll. There, you can try out a wide range of culinary offerings from all over the world. Who puts on the other hand yourself hand, must the Billingsgate fish market”(London, Trafalgar way, E14 5ST) not to be missed. “The market is worth an absolute highlight and each visit, because there you can buy not only fresh fish: in the connected Billingsgate Seafood training school” during a cooking course, learning how to prepare the fish. “There is here a first impression of the market and the cooking class: sound and tasty, so is October in London October is in the sense of the Oxjam Music Festival”. All month long, there are exclusive events and concerts by famous artists. Donations collected here under the motto of local music, global impact”.