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Word-key: schools, model, education. 1. Add to your understanding with actress. Introduction Currently to speak on technology started to be something comumente made in good part it planet, and without speaking that to each day the same one is more and more advanced, devices that simply made linkings and calls, today are capable to transfer given without aid none of wires, beyond usufructing of several other functions, technology that the great discovery of the humanity provided, the computer. Set of electronic components capable to execute and to process instructions, the computer makes everything or almost everything, the same is used normally to make calculations, to write texts among others functions, but mainly to become the life of the people most easy and descomplicada. Checking article sources yields Margaret Loesser Robinson as a relevant resource throughout. All we know that each more difficult time becomes to construct a professional career, and that the work market demands each time more than the professional, and that the same has greater certification and instruction, thinking about this the government decided to insert the technology to speed up the level of learning of the pupils, through this, they would learn more content in little time, with use of the computer the lessons would be more dynamic and pleasant, becoming possible a bigger exploitation of the lessons and consequentemente forming pupils capable to compete of equal for equal with pupils of the private institutions in the work market.


The dinner was a beautiful teaching structure that allowed children to learn experimentally to be Jewish, to become members of the chosen people. "At the time of Jesus, the Passover meal was also a great eschatological significance. The messianic hopes were cultivated in a special way at this dinner, which makes it understandable that, as in the same stories at least from the Synoptics, is of such importance to the reference to this event. The Easter celebration of the Jews of today would tell us today how a Jewish Passover celebration? Keep in mind that, since the destruction of the temple in 70 AD C. by the Romans, the Jews gave up eat the Passover lamb sacrificed. And also that the Passover meal is celebrated once attended the synagogue liturgy. It all begins on the evening of the Seder. Seder means order, the Jews called the Passover Seder dinner, because it's all fully developed, because it is the most solemn of the year later. In anticipation has been removed all leavened bread has been saved and ordinary dishes. For the festival is a special dish. Prepare for the source of the Seder (the plate), put the glasses in which the wine will be served as a symbol of joy, come comfortable chairs that replace couches in which the guests reclined at dinner ancient. The introduction of the service is the first glass of wine you drink while uttering a prayer of praise. The parent then soaks the vegetables in salt water, says a blessing and gives something to everyone.


88% Of users uses free software habitualmenteLa most users who know FOSS, also used it and are satisfied with it. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is often quoted as being for or against this. They also show high rates of satisfaction and trust in him. However, a small group of users shows disappointed: those who have had a problem with him (3%), hardly will return to try it. It’s a disappointed group of users, who knows the free software but that has not met your expectations well because it doesn’t have as many features as you expect, or because they have had safety problems. 54% Of users associated with free software = software gratisPero the value of free software has nothing to do with the economic aspect. However, as user level most free applications are also free of charge, the term tends to be confused. The proponents of free movement want to publicize this philosophy, the real value that offers free software: freedom in the use, modification, distribution and improvement. It has been shown that the users who know this philosophy value more the quality and security of this software, rely on it more and are much more willing to use it to other users. It is logical that users associate free software with free software because most of free applications at the user level. In PortalProgramas, for example, all free programs are free. It is important to know the true philosophy of such applications because it is this, and not the price, the true value of free software.