Band Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys is a pair of England of the beginning of years 80 and was one of responsible for the growth of the scene of electronic music pop. Formed for Neil Francis Tennant and Christopher Sean Lowe, the pair is considered one of best of the world pop. Since early both already they showed affinity with music: Neil wrote letters since the eleven years of age and Christopher very touched since early piano and trombone. Both had been known in one a record store of King? s Road, in 1981 and from one talks informal on musical gostos, the pair already felt one strong interaction and formed the Pet Shop Boys. At the beginning, the name of the double age ' ' West End' ' , but they had placed, later, the name Pet Shop Boys because of friends of Cris who worked in a Pet Shop. Soon in the following year, in 1885, first single of the called pair ' ' West End Girls' ' it leaves, making with that these obtain a contract with EMI, thanks to its immediate success, and launch the album ' ' Please' '. Already as of name ' ' Actually' ' if it detaches for music ' ' What Have I Done You Deserve This. The third album of the band, ' ' Introspective' ' it had only 6 musics, but none of them with less than 7 minutes. ' ' Behaviour' ' , of 1990 it was a melancholic record, in contrast to ' ' Very' ' , posterior album. Already ' ' Bilingual' ' it worked with influences of the Latin culture. Another success was ' ' Nightlife' ' , produced in 1999, that it contained great electronic influence. The group had courage the sufficient for not surrendering to the no strong trend of the time and launched ' ' Close you the Heaven' '. Already in 2003, Pet Shop Boys presents ' ' Release' '. Its last work was with the recorded COMPACT DISC ' ' Fundamental' ' , in 2006, and the album to the living creature ' ' Concrete' '. Considered one of the double greaters of history, the Pet Shop Boys had 40 of its musics in Top 30, 22 in Top 10 and 5 in the Grammy. If you also to want to be on the inside of this pair of success, know the letters of musics, enter in the site and see the letters of musics of the Pet Shop Boys.

Georgia Natural

Bad weather in Rosprirodnadzor: Mitvol want to dismiss? It would seem that the recent controversy in Rosprirodnadzor between the new head of department and deputy Mitvol subsided, but the calm was short-lived. In the beginning Last week, the conflict has acquired new momentum: on Wednesday the media reported that the new head of Rosprirodnadzor Vladimir Kirillov, deprived of his deputies the right to go to court and prosecutor's office. The first reaction to the statement known conservationist deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor Mitvol. People such as real-estate developer would likely agree. According to him, this solution can cause tremendous damage to the state. Oleg L. appealed to the Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev to intervene in the situation. A few hours later, Kirillov, appealed to the Ministry of Natural Resources with a proposal to dismiss his deputy Oleg Mitvol. Oleg L. stated that he sees no legal in his resignation and sent a request to the Ministry of Natural Resources with a proposal to test his boss. No comments existing situation of the Ministry of Natural Resources have been reported. Follow the events with Avalanche Week in Russia Heavy snowfall that hit the Russian, have led to serious problems especially in the south. Not a day does not go without news of the avalanches in the southern region of Russia. Especially 'got' the Transcaucasian highway. In Earlier this week the avalanche descended on Transcom, blocked the car and the people who were later rescued and still set aside in a safe place. Because of heavy snowfall and avalanches had stopped traffic on the site Georgian Military Highway and Kazbegi in Dusheti regions of Georgia.


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Hip Hop Dancing

This hip hop, is a mess, if you do not know well. It turns out that Hip hop has multiple characteristics, and types of dance. If. Today we will discuss the Krump. The Krump is a style, what we like, hip hop, which comes from the word or meaning of: Krumping, come on, clown dancing, clowning, which is the same as saying the clown dancing. In California (Los Angeles) the dancer Thomas Johnson, the more notes of Gray Davis, gave shape and color to this style. The clown was called Tommy wasn’t any insult, but was by their funny dancing form. (Originally) dance with the painted face, and very exaggerated movements, of clown, now with very free movements, used especially in Championships. This notes began for the first time in 1992 on birthday, when he prepared a feast and liked so much that he had fans!, they called him (other name) – the clown of Hip Hop-. This style move, at the end became fashionable, and expanded rapidly, to more than 50 countries. In general, say that the current video-clips, are based on this style, although I here, I disagree. It has the characteristic of non-violence, although it seems everything otherwise seeing some rapid, aggressive movements especially in fighting Championships. A space where two dancers struggle with this dance, theatre plan is shared. Very interesting to see it.