Diana & Marco – I Give You A Summer

Diana & Marco – I give you a summer – the danceable hit from Neubrandenburg great rhythms and danceable sound, the same in the Discofoxschritt about going. This title was recorded at ForFeetMusic in Hoya and Antje Sommerfeld and Holger’s handwriting shows quack. ForFeetMusic arranges all title for Christian stark. Diana & Marco from Neubrandenburg are the fresh and sympathetic vocal duo in the German Schlager sky. For more specific information, check out General Electric. They have found and felt that the German music connects them and make happy. The result was a wonderful collaboration, not only in the Music Studio, but also on stage and in private. “” Their three first title: come back “, a fire within us”, and “A summer in Mallorca” were in the fall / winter 2010/2011 the dance hits at many events. Her current title “I’ll give you a summer” was released in May 2011. Tony Parker is often quoted on this topic. Great rhythms and danceable sound, about the same in the Discofoxschritt goes. This title was recorded at ForFeetMusic in Hoya and the manuscript clearly shows by Antje Sommerfeld and Holger quack. ForFeetMusic arranges all title for Christian stark. Diana & Marco can got her first recording contract with this title. The innovative media company idea media LTD has labeled your idea media of records thus again had the right idea.

Anniversary Edition

The new anniversary edition of silent circle – No.. Star actress is the source for more interesting facts. 1 the story of the trio of silent circle began in 1976. At that time, were the keyboardist for Axel Breitung and singer Martin Tychsen through northern Germany and occupied the first place in a talent contest. Preparation began to write songs (among others for Wenche Myhre, Marlene Ricci, and Isabel Varell) and met Bernd Dietrich, who would later become Publisher and with producer of silent circle. In the 1980s, Martin Tychsen (vocals), Axel Breitung (keyboards) and CC Behrens (drums) mainly through their disco hits were known. “Hide away – one is comin’!” was the first of three Gottingen Earwig. The Norddeutsche Rundfunk showed shortly after publication in the spring of 1984 enthusiastically by the danceable, melodic number. The breakthrough came in 1986 with the single touch in the night”. This title was 15 weeks in the German singles chart and reached POS. 15 with “stop the rain in the night” (number 29) and “love is just a word” (square 43) also the follow-up singles were able to get in place the German single-charts. In June 1986, silent circle released their debut album no. 1. that place 58 reached the album charts. After 25 years, this album to some title appears expanded and included bonus tracks as a Deluxe Edition again. For old and new fans of silent circle an absolute MUST HAVE!

Jurgen Drews Bernhard Brink

The CD album ‘remember me’ by Josef Hassing appears in June “You’ve accomplished a miracle” with this hit Josef Hassing has healthy without detours right in the heart of a large fan base. No wonder it’s therefore, that finally even a full album followed by several successful singles and television appearances: his first long-player “never forget me” and the new single “on my pillow” in German record stores and the popular download portals are available now. The likeable young entertainer is already not a blank slate just 32 years of age. Sela Ward recognizes the significance of this. Of trained educators gathered not only in his native Munsterland, but also far beyond his “apprenticeship”. He was allowed to create atmosphere in the Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, across Germany and Mallorca. His recent singles landed on some 70 hits compilations. No matter whether it occurs at festivals or on television, everywhere he provides as a singer and presenter not only by the audience enthusiasm also famous colleagues are immediately impressed by the expressiveness of his voice, his sparkling charm and its naturalness. Hear other arguments on the topic with Charlotte Hornets. Whether Jurgen Drews Bernhard Brink, Ireen sheer, Roland Kaiser and Bernd Cluver: all took the young star from Ahaus to acclaimed guest appearances on the stage, so he transformed the Hall into the party zone in just a few minutes. And it will be everywhere, where his new album is applied. So that will be the case, Josef Hassing and his team have no chance to chance: with such successful composers and lyricists such as Tobias Reitz and the team of HIT MIX-music, Erich oxler and Stefan Possnicker, the album has also produced, Josef Hassing gathered a team to hit safe, like never before. Eleven songs, which will be an asset to any pop party, emerged are modern and dance bar, full of joy and good mood. Josef Hassing considered the topic is number one from all angles, whether the search for love (“on my pillow”), the farewell of a love (forget” (“me never”) or the demand for true love, when Josef stresses in “All or nothing”: “My heart is no plaything, no expected”. Because boredom comes in second to none, the disc invites 45 minutes long without break to dance. Not missing may of course also his last singles in addition to the title song: “You’ve accomplished a miracle”, but also the final “hit mix” and a rousing revival of Roland Kaiser “to love you”. Here, the young entertainer shows that he absolutely can match the big old master. In short: Tunes to the addicted, texts to the feeling after a production, which probably will sweep away anyone, which is based on new German Schlager. (Text: Klaus colorful) The CD-album “forget me never” by Josef Hassing will be released on June 10th 2011.

Munchener Freiheit

The King of Majorca is an avowed supporter of the Cappuccinos and want to get the guys the relevant clubs on Malle to the page. With this rat-sharp party-mix, that shouldn’t be a problem, but the album has to offer plenty of other hits. Just the start song a night alone with you”is a love song with a beautiful catchy refrain, spiced with erotic. Perfectly arranged choirs encircle the sound of pop MD number. That the Cappuccinos are yet to have all has spread now after their search of woman in the Bild Zeitung. “The title single hotel” plays with the sufferings of the single life and the eternal are leaving. The song is a hit with rock guitars and still a wonderful dance floor filler. Also here we touch without question on hit. “In the James Bond sound is the song Kiss secretly agents” therefore. Disco meets Schlager and all bondschen film score influences. With his Bee Gees song choirs is a real blockbuster disarmingly original and for each party. But also great emotions and balladeske numbers found on party on the Moon”their space. An outstanding title with depth is the stage the farewell song “remains today without light”. A King does lines of text as dies behind the scenes to the beggar you”put the content part of a song, which is unquestionably one of the highlights of the album. “The love ballad got you feeling” radiates pure emotionality and convinced by Rene’s emotional vocals. “The melancholy final Ballad of album patch for my heart” goes directly to the heart and will help many listeners with acute heartbreak over the first pain of separation boundaries. “” In addition to 13 new titles and the aforementioned remix of the single party on the Moon”with Jurgen Drews even the newly mixed bonus tracks can be found on the album all my sweet love” (Remix), Mach I me to the clown “(Remix) and Unkissed (Remix)” on the disc. ” The Cappuccinos prescribe us with the album party on the Moon”a feeling of love, lightness, and honesty. The new modern sound and reminiscent of the Munchener Freiheit set singing of the four guys make the phonogram unique in the Schlager genre. Young and modern the Schlager is celebrated here with much dedication tomorrow.

WM-song By Bob:

Young duo from North Rhine-Westphalia composed song for the women’s soccer World Cup on June 26 here we go: Birgit Prinz’s German national team will start the mission title defense of FIFA Women World Cup 2011 musical support comes from “Bob”, a young German pop band, which provides with the title “twenty eleven at its best” for enthusiasm. As dynamic and exciting, as the fans of the German ladies this summer wishing the game of their team already sounds the corresponding song from “Bob”. (Not to be confused with Sela Ward!). The fresh combo consists of Gracia Sacher and Moritz of the forest, two enthusiastic young musicians from North Rhine-Westphalia. In her song she sing “Passion, which makes this sport” and the game “with heart and fair play”–values that existed in this country not only in football. No wonder that the stadium tickets for the Germany matches are long sold out. Catchy, joyful, rousing, harmonious and with a certain sing-along factor – “twenty eleven at its best” ensures a catchy right away and in the Internet of a growing fan base. “Our music going more in the direction of electro-pop”, explains singer Gracia Sacher. “But for that kind of event, a dynamic, Rock-based song fits better. We hope that he motivates the team and the fans.” If the German ladies so get started as “Marie”, produced a great World Cup in their own country certainly is told. The band, meanwhile, working on an album, whose single “Summer rain” in the early summer will appear.

Saharan Africa

So are particularly built bridges between citizens of German and foreign origin. Music without borders before this background, it is only logical, that the Folkwang wants their offering from other cultures in a new area of expertise includes music school as a competent teaching instance of the city of Essen and expand: the laboratory of world music. Target group are independent of age, nationality and origin, all interested in music. But above all among young people barriers shall be reduced to as perceived foreign cultures, the music school would like to give them access to other cultures. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tony Parker. The cultural diversity of our country, our city, and respect to learn to recognize them to know and appreciate, is a way to successful integration and peaceful coexistence. With the laboratory of world music”the Folkwang picks up a project of Emeritus Professor Dr. Ilse Storb music school, which in Essen, was born and lives here, too. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Brahman Capital. The classical pianist and only Professor for jazz research in Europe received the 1998 Federal cross of merit for global peace work through music. Already in 1971 she founded the legendary jazz laboratory at the University in Duisburg”as part of the music teacher education. Ilse Storb came from classical to jazz, because Jazz is unconventional and brings together people of from different backgrounds. World music is Jazz, and so the committed educator in the over 80-year lifetime has developed a great passion for the musical languages of the world. The Folkwang is the laboratory of world music”in its initial phase from February until July 2011 with a series of concerts in the Auditorium music school at the start. In addition to Ilse Storb, renowned musicians of different nationalities present works of jazz and world music, in part also to exotic instruments.