The Results

Besides detecting the auditory memory in the repetition of phrases and sentences. Because of this, the ART is not only a test that evaluates articulatory dyslalias presence, but also allows you to record some of the most frequent PSF reduction sequences are vowels, consonants and words of high metry. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Related Group. The test fonoarticulatorios regards, language schools, the evaluation carried out by sheets, which contain sequences of phonemes and vowel and consonant. The evaluation is done in contrast to the TAR by the name of the film by the child and which are recorded dyslalias and PSF that has a minimum. When comparing both tests are the following points consider: The TAR allows to determine the actual implementation of the child but does not reveal whether the child uses language that has the repertory. Author has much experience in this field. Besides the long version, often ends up boring or upsetting the child evaluated. The test lets you know Fonoarticulatorio use that has the least of their language, because the answer is through the name, but if the examiner does not make the child repeat the words considered to be wrong, can have erroneous results (false positives) to determining dyslalias and PSF. Finally, both are based assessment test to determine the result, knowledge about the articulatory phonetic and phonological development of children. This is where the language specialist interprets the information according to scales of development and clinical experience. For the construction of Software, SPAV, recorded the following guidelines based on the above mentioned information: The test should take the form of naming and repetition, to ensure the results and minimize false positives.

The Ultrasound Of The Baby

It is the new trend of obstetric medicine. Unlike in three dimensional or 3D ultrasounds, the 4 d adding color and movement to the image. Why are called Sonograms in real time. Anne, of 32 years, just do an ultrasound 4 d in Madrid clinic Eres and speaks well about their experience: it seems impressive. You see a little person with their hands, arms and feet, rampant at ease by the maternal uterus. Private clinics are in luck. This new technology lures hundreds of parents who want to find out how is the face of your baby until it is born. And advertising attracts them with slogans of the type look at me MOM or with questions like are you ready to have an amazing experience? or with examples: is as if you were watching his son on TV. It is true that now we are going to save in the future photos of the newborn, why not begin directly from the womb?. Years ago that ultrasounds are routine in all gynecological exams for pregnant women. Standard ultrasonography provides the image in two dimensions of the fetus. Through them, the doctor can assess the baby’s development, determining gestational age and detect anomalies. Conventional ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of organs and tissues. Multi-dimensional ultrasound 3D also uses ultrasound, but allows you to display images with volume of the fetus. Now, the 4 d ultrasound adds movement and color. It’s an image in real time where the factions of the baby are much more accurate and realistic. He is not a movie, but a sweep of ultrasonic waves which collide with the corporeal structures and reflect them doing a kind of ECHO: hence, the ultrasound designation. This echo is analyzed and converted into images by processors. The impatience to see the face of the future baby is crowding the private centers where these 4 d ultrasounds are carried out.

GmbH Managing Director

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