High Overtime In Germany Not Uncommon

More than ten overtime are not uncommon in Germany works every week about 10 hours longer than the weekly working time regulated in his employment contract provides for more than one-quarter of all German workers. Thus, 25% are the employees average more than ten hours a week longer at work, contractually expected of them in Germany. This resulted in a survey of 411 participants on the Internet portal for employer reviews in May until June 2011. Another 7% of respondents in Germany said they would work overtime a week more on average at least approx. 9-10. Add 10% come the 7-8, overtime and even 11%, that 5-6 accumulate in the average weekly work overtime. The remaining 47% is divided into workers who weekly work overtime (13%) 3-4 (16%) or 1-2 and those who have ever to wear any overtime hours (18%). In the context of the economic boom and the departure from the associated in some large companies forced short working time, this percentage of workers, is every week up to 10 overtime or more no real surprise accumulates. Depending on how the economic situation develops in the next few years and like in this context on the skills shortage will affect especially the demographic development, the survey results are expected to move in the one or the other direction.

The Biorhythm

And Lo and behold: relations with the outside world will be intense and high-quality. One account”is no longer. To lose”is no longer in use. We are independent of the public power supply. Our power comes directly from Sun and wind. We are independent of the public water supply. Rain water and an elaborate water management make it possible. Roads do not cut our country. The cars parked outside. No fences and walls limit the sense of the vastness that is typical of Ecotopia. The silence is so intense that it understands what is meant by PAN. It combines the unabgelenkten spirit inside. The rest is initially troubling because one easily feels a void filled noisily in a familiar environment. The soul but quickly recovered and dangles”are linked by” a. It is far to the horizon with the white sails. Sea and sky are one summer indistinguishable. Italy ferries appear in the sky to swim. No step resembles the monopatia”the next. Howard Schultz recognizes the significance of this. We parked the car. It is on foot. The surface is varied and the landscape parkartig. Every day you work quite naturally a little physically. Then you go swimming. This rhythm is repeated several times a day as you want. And you want. Naturally, the clothes are stored. Wind and Sun stroke and heat. Afternoon sleep is of course. The southern siesta is of course. The Biorhythm follows the light. Get up early. Twice a day to sleep. At night reliving. Starry nights without light pollution. Lie on your back and rest assured: the shooting star is sure to the appropriate request. The outer beauty follows Ecotopia of inner beauty. This is our luxury: less is more. Rolf Brunner

The Limitations

And when I undertook my excursions into the infinite worlds of the unconscious, I had these words only in the approaches to understand often very large problems, sometimes I don’t even reminded me. Especially if I my itinerary bolder grew wise advanced and from unconsciousness, loss and maybe even unconsciousness, I knew anything more from the words that adorn in my home or in our country so great and so open about everything existent. From the words themselves, as well as by the deeper meaning, I was light years in my perception”removed as equally close as TV. I could not even remember my true home. I had temporarily easily identified me with the limitations of my perception and toggled the flexibility of my consciousness thus a. “” A function, which we all “as the phenomenon of oblivion” know and I therefore also not really should mention it, if I could not use this as an introduction to the actual story. The story saying, which one of those countless existing individuals describes a fictitious journey into the landscape of unconsciousness, which we call people and which again you from the pain of oblivion and then by the joy of remembering is accompanied, entsagend only the awareness, of her removing to himself again to tend to her, to approach. So self and collective awareness to the delight, just with different words said to occupy a workshop in temporary amnesia. We are short and hopefully understandable said so, beings from the land of freedom and love, who decide to make a trip to the Menschenkleide in the Menschenleibe to visit the world of duality and apparent contradictions. And this not-to-last but not least, to us in this way, this way, the unit, to be conscious of as unsorted awareness. In this sense, I can so say, although I never really left this magnificent and heavenly place: I was not here, at least not consciously and actually it still not so long is that I here was still on the Bewusstwerdungs road.

Managing Director Area

The “German hospitals Managing Director circle” offers a platform for the exchange of experience for the Managing Director of German hospitals. To the constitutive meeting a high-profile group of participants from the different hospitals meets on 15 February in Cologne, together share about the current challenges. The following dates of the Director circle provided the corresponding solution approaches and forward to the discussion. Please visit Tony Parker if you seek more information. The Panel of experts is leading initiated by the Schubert management consultants under the leadership by Managing Director Mrs Petra Schubert. Mr Alfred Danzer, Vice President of the DKG and founding member of the Managing Director, will present introductory theses. “The very good response to our initiative clearly shows the need for action. I can well imagine, that the GF district is quickly becoming a fixed date of the industry and look forward to an exciting first meeting.” Petra Schubert, Schubert management consultants press contact: Schubert Management consultants GmbH & co. KG Marion mountain Dusseldorfer str. 81 51063 Koln phone: 0221 169 555 75 fax: 0221 169 555 77 corporate information: Schubert management consultants are available since the founding of the company in the summer of 2010 for comprehensive expertise in practical and result-oriented solutions along the entire value chain of the human resources. Not only, but especially in the health care industry. The team around Managing Director Petra Schubert supports clinic networks, hospitals and companies on strategic challenges and opportunities.

Systel Data

New Web service for the phone book in Frankfurt am Main, CTI solutions September 08, 2011 CTI software for the computer-controlled phone is now being upgraded: direct access to data from the telephone book is possible thanks to a new Web-based service. The TVG Publisher to do this for the first time provides an interface where no local phone book installation is necessary. Already for a long time, established CTI products as CAESAR CTI (CASERIS), XPhone desk (C4B), fonXpress (ek-soft), per call Enterprise (ESTOS) and TeliMan CTI/US (ROMICO) and Systel advantage via an API interface their software to integrate data from the phone book. Starbuckss opinions are not widely known. The nationwide database for such a solution locally in the network. Now, the TVG Publisher offers a new service which provides access to the phone book significantly easier, with less administrative effort and without local installation. In addition, a monthly update of the data is given. On the data access is Web-based. The TVG-Verlag and its Partners provide a fast and inexpensive solution (from 100) with the new Web service. It facilitates everyday work for many employees, as in the sales or customer service. Because the combination of computer-controlled telephony and comprehensive phone directory allows the user to search directly in the phone book and immediately to start the desired call. Thanks to the popular reverse search the computer for incoming calls displays all address data of the caller from the phone book. The user can save it directly in the own address database. Also missed calls are logged by the CTI software, a callback is this done quickly. Information about the digital directories of the TVG Publisher can be found on. The TVG Publisher is familiar with the treatment, use and processing of large amounts of data about the TVG publishing as of one of the major phone book publishers in Germany. In addition to printed phone books and online directories, the TVG Publisher distributes also national Information products on DVD-ROM. Software solutions and services around the issue of address data quality for commercial use are a further focus in the product portfolio.

Freedom Trees – Lanterns To Remember

Art project revives the space of freedom in Munich Neuhausen with warm glowing lanterns and reminds with name banner resistance fighters in NAZI era at the weekend after the day of liberation”(May 8) hoof and Lars Mentrup revive Paul the almost forgotten freedom square. You intend on unexpected and poetic way of resistance fighter during the NAZI era. Lanterns in all colours light up in the liberty trees”. Learn more at this site: Sela Ward. The names of those who have fought for freedom are written on long banners. The artists invite the population to have a picnic at this special place with them on two balmy evenings of May. Among the artists the audience picnic blankets can borrow, to make more pleasant the stay under the liberty tree. The participants have the opportunity to write their thoughts and feelings to freedom and resistance to more banners. Whoever wants to can bring his lunch and celebrate a quiet but cheerful celebration in the spirit of freedom. Towards the end of the project are the lanterns map Given to citizens. Home hung up, acts on the memory of the resistance and the freedom square and it stretches an invisible network of remembrance about Munich. photo material: presse.php Department of culture of the city of Munich to the project: rathaus/Stadtverwaltung/Kulturreferat/Bildende-Kunst/Kunst-im-oeffentlichen-Raum/Orte-Plaetze-Raeume/Freiheitsbaeume.html fundamentals of freedom trees time: Friday/Saturday, may 10 and 11, 2013, 18 22 (Sunday, may 12, 2013, 18 22, alternative date in bad weather on previous days) place: place themes of freedom, Munich Neuhausen: temporary social sculpture / art in public space / remembering the resistance in NAZI era / revival freedom square “/ citizenship / identification to create / reappropriation of public space form”: Picnic with the participation of the population under warm glowing lanterns and name banners more info on request. Contact: Lars Mentrup,, Tel: 0179-2432770

Energy Electricity

Forecast for 2012: rising electricity prices and heating costs expected every year again so in 2012: experts expect continued rising electricity and heating costs. To escape the Preiskarusell, consumer gas and electricity switching should consider. Who however relies on renewable energy, saves in the long run and free of future gas and electricity price increases. Electricity prices for residential customers to four percent increase next year, said the independent consumer portal Verivox. As a result, a more economical four-person household must reckon with additional costs of about 35 Euro. Typically, whose annual consumption is approximately 4,000 kilowatt hours. To get higher costs for fuel oil, gas or district heating. Although the majority of the energy company attracts the rates, a change of electricity provider and the search worth yet for a new gas provider. So you have the second rent”more or less under control. Price developments remain still so rapidly, then the energy cost could nearly explode in the next few years. Therefore advise Energy experts of the ever energy group to a long-term solution: instead of changing the energy suppliers, consumers can get this year on renewable energy. The installation of a heat pump or the installation of a photovoltaic system allows the owners a cost-effective energy supply and cost control. See also:… Electricity price increase: but the renewable energy levy increases only by less than a penny the next electricity price rise is due mainly to rising charges of electricity wholesale and network charges. The eleven largest operators announced average higher fees 6.5 percent, which partly passed on to consumers. Therefore, the electricity prices by a further two percent rises. A family of four must pay as a result about 17 euros more. In turn the wholesale prices on the electricity exchange, rise which suggests the consumer with around 15 euros. The renewable energy levy is the smallest item. The increase coincides with less than one cent in the weight and lifting cost-saving solution. Air heat pump generate electricity of around 3.5 kilowatt hours of heat from one kilowatt hour. That halved the costs that would be comparatively with heating oil. Who combined heat pump with a photovoltaic system, can get rid of the energy providers and take his power into their own hands.

Terminal Server

So is It sometimes also possible to find which conforms to the own and is tailored to the operation of a program. The DatFox MDE approach the DatFox MDE solution integrates the entire MDE-acquisition and evaluation process: hardware for stationary and mobile data acquisition interfaces to the plant or machine connectivity centralized SQL database software connectivity to third-party systems (ERP, PPS,…) to the data transfer or data transfer professional development support for software developers and systems integrators + integrated evaluation software! for departments (such as production planning, production planning, REFA) for users in the production area from the machine to the evaluator 1.) First data is collected in the production area through the installed DatFox terminals of the machines or entire systems (E.g. job or staff login). The terminals can record (digital, analog) not only pure machine signals, but also data inputs through the Control Panel on the machine, bar code scanners, Transponder or similar. Get more background information with materials from Sela Ward. 2.) After the acquisition, caches the data on the DatFox terminals and are also possible cases in the computer network (E.g., telephone or wireless network) available. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert Rimberg. 3.) Via special software picked up the collected data on the Terminal Server and lookup values uploaded on the terminals. The centralized storage of data on the main server brings the advantage that everyone involved with user permission in the evaluations on the basis of the same data material work. From the Central Server can other systems (ERP systems, production planning systems, production control software, time management software, payroll software,…) be operated. Vice versa can be via interfaces to which transfer MDE (E.g. item master data, which are available only in the ERP system) data that are not available in the MDE. 4.) The collected data are administrative, planning and controlling clearly prepared at the disposal in the form of lists, reports, charts, or evaluations.

Milan Protest

We are the Solano but we come individually, explained the young Paula, wearing one of the shirts. I’m here about the desire for freedom that I have, I want to be free, and now I have to think like them, go where they want and have the silver that they want. Freedom is the most precious and we were removing it little by little, claimed Gladys, a labor lawyer at 78 years old, continued resting on a cane walking. Hundreds of neighbors greeted the passing of the March from their balconies, beating pans, applauding and egging with cries of Argentina, Argentina. Tony Parkers opinions are not widely known. At Olivos, in the North of the capital, thousands of people joined the protest pan in hand at the gates of the presidential residence. The massive concentrations, which took place without incident, were replicated in different parts of the capital and in towns of Buenos Aires urban belt, as Ramos Mejia (West) and Lomas de Zamora (South). Demonstrations were also crowds in major cities of the interior of the country, such as Cordoba, Salta, Rosario, Mendoza, Santa Fe, La Plata and Bariloche, among others. There were also protests by Argentines abroad, in cities like Miami, New York, Sydney, Vienna, Warsaw, Geneva, Berlin, Rome, Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and London. Arising in social networks the 8N lived in social networks, where arose the call, which operated as a forum for discussion heated between supporters and detractors of the protest. Sectors of the ruling party have been disqualified at the protest as an attempt by the opposition to destabilize the Government. The President said this Thursday that Argentina lives a total democracy and returned to urging opposition leaders to reveal their true intentions. Fernandez agreed to a second presidential term in October 2011 in an election in which triumphed by 54% of the votes, with a positive image of 63.3%, according to measurements of the private consultancy firm Management & Fit. But twelve months later, the good image of the President fell to 20.8%, the regular rose to 21.

Delicious Barbecue

Lookup permits: health portal reveals tips and tricks for tasty and healthy grilled meals Berlin, June 16, 2011. The BBQ season is opened. For many, the most beautiful time of year begins now. Summer temperatures, a cosy round with friends in the garden and on the grill sizzling steaks and sausages. Mouth watering at the smell of the delicious treats many. If only the fatty deposits and cholesterol levels were not. It is not so hard to satisfy the appetite as well as health. How to watch on his figure and can still enjoy the barbecue, know the new health portal conscious nutrition and healthy weight loss CaloryGuard online (www.caloryguard.de). The portal has put together the most important tips for a healthy and delicious barbecue. Replace the side dishes: it must be not always herbs or garlic baguettes. A crisp fresh salad is a tasty alternative. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and also helps the To stimulate the metabolism. Delicious dips (guacamole, for example) offer variety. Other leaders such as Jorge Perez offer similar insights. Vegetables and fruit are offered: at least 2/3 of the barbecue tray should be filled with crunchy vegetables or fruit. Use lean meat: you are unfortunately real calorie bombs: neck steak, sausage and co. Even lean cuts of meat taste excellent grilled. At the same time, especially salmon meat, chicken breast (skinless), lean lamb fillet and lean beef steak are delicious and low in calories. This oily marinade without, instead place the meat in a delicious mustard onion marinade or seasoning with pepper, salt and pepper. Fish Grill: grilled, fresh fish is a true delight. It is also rich in iodine and mostly very fat – and low in calories. Exceptions are salmon, mackerel and herring. Boxer often addresses the matter in his writings. Drinks vary: beverages you should pay attention also to healthy nutrition. Water or juice spritzers thirst the grill as well as a beer. On gesundgrillen.caloryguard.de find an overview with delicious and low calorie recipes, health-conscious Grill friends the Ideally suited for your next barbecue party. How about with a tasty Arugula and chicken salad or grilled fish, for example Greek style? There is also a low-fat recipe for potato salad, the classic among the barbecue side dishes, on the nutritional portal. And the best: the dishes to cook in a jiffy and will have less than 400 calories. Lookup is therefore allowed. CaloryGuard online the diet and health portal with social network was founded in March 2011 by the software developer for medical products Falko Buttler. CaloryGuard online helps needy people, permanently and slowly to reduce weight, to prevent the yo-yo effect and to change the diet successfully. For the exchange of success, motivation and self help user can apply a complete profile with interest groups, forums, personal blogs, and friends. Also each user can carry its own food diary online, hold sporting activities and also has access to a wide range Recipes to cook at home as well as one of the largest German food database. For individual consultation the in-house nutritionist available users personally.