Hans Otto Theatre Institute

9th Schkeuditz win international airport with home win for Schkeuditz Schkeuditzer foil men’s Cup of the district at the weekend took the 9 in Schkeuditz. International Airport tournament instead. At the youth tournament in women’s and men’s foil was mainly to qualifying points for the forthcoming German championship in addition to medals, trophies and prizes. The preliminary rounds were fought in the Sports Hall r, the finale at the airport. (Source: Sela Ward). Around 120 fencers from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia were fighting on Saturday in the individual competition and in the team battle for the cup of Schkeuditz district on Sunday. In the individual contest were four ladies and gentlemen for the semi finals and the finals at the airport after two qualifying rounds and a 32 direct separation. . The mood on the final showed Raimund Witra and Jacob Keller, students of the Hans Otto Theatre Institute at the University of music and theater Leipzig, a few action-packed scenes from the coat and sword play Cyrano de Bergerac. With a clear 15-5 victory over Nadine Karim (Cottbus) won Marike Wegener (Jena, Germany) the women’s competition of the airport tournament. In the men’s foil hosts Schkeuditz was again the chance after a long time home crowd to medal. Florian Blasczyk of the FC Schkeuditz and Jacub Jurewicz from Poland faced, but against the much more powerful Poland the Schkeuditzer had no chance. He finished second with 15:4. Other Schkeuditzer fencers put himself in midfield. MdL-giving ceremony on the airport deserted by the Icelandic volcano eruption made Rolf Seidel, OBM Jorg Enke and airport managing director Nather. On the second day of the competition, the selection of Thuringia A against Cottbus and Schkeuditz won the women’s team fight.

Multicomponent Protein

Replace meals with shakes and lose pounds active athletes need much protein, and proteins. These cannot be carried to about the food, but food supplements are needed to secure the necessary amount of protein and proteins. When the supply of food supplements, you should watch most definitely sure that they contain protein multi-component. Since these components should be coordinated, also perfectly coordinated, this is not possible through a pure shot through the food. But even with the supplements, there are large differences, even though they advertise protein multi-component,”says Tobias Fendt, operator of the sports food portal. It is best if you take einNahrungserganzungsmittel, which combines fast and slow proteins. The ratio is balanced, you can make sure, that uses a so-called long-term effects. Immediately after taking the fast proteins work, start the slow proteins only after some time to work on. “Taking time varies, depending on for which supplements you choose. Because there are supplements with such proteins that show immediately after the training to best effect and others that you take before bedtime, they will be effective so the night,”explains Tobias Fendt. A good nutritional supplements could contain, for example, egg protein, casein, whey protein and soy, for a long-lasting effect to occur. If you take a means, can be waived even a meal, so fend. Whether at bedtime or with an other meal during the day: actually matter, when you the shake off the prepared protein multi-component. Not only in the power sports, swimming, or cycling, but also in the bodybuilding taking of plural component is useful protein. If you would like to know more about Tony Parker, then click here. When you pull out just a diet, so you can mix the multicomponent protein in the form of powder with water and drink as a shake. Adding to two meals already the pounds start such shake, to tumble.

Bird Migration

The natural world is wonderful. (As opposed to Vanessa Marcil). The most well known form movements of birds – migration. This method of changing habitat area is characterized by a fairly high speed and is not accompanied by a long occupation of the site. Often, migration repeated periodically over some small time, and in such cases we speak of periodic movements. When the migratory range is placed at 12 months, these displacements are seasonal, such as: fall and spring flights of birds, the annual migration of elk, deer, deer, moving from areas with more snow in snowy regions, the migration of antelope (including the Russian Saiga in Kazakhstan and the Caspian Sea) because of the drought; movement of seals, fur seals, whales, and various other animals and fish migrations are. Pronouncing 'seek fresh water', 'looking for land', 'fleeing from the cold', we mean not fundamentally different methods of movement (as it may seem at first), but in general the same – repetitive movements. This phenomenon has the character every time the mass movement, though not always well marked. Residents are accustomed to always see the ordinary, gray crows. But does not everyone know that crows liking from December to March, flocks of garbage and spending the night in Moscow's avenues, were born far from the suburbs, in the northern forests, and only come here to winter. There will come a month of spring, and the ravens gradually give way to returning to the warm countries, and not differing from the outside the brothers will fly to nest in their home in Volgograd and the Murmansk region. Base, causing the annual migration, usually complex. Topics at least the most palpable among them all the same just hunger, but not cold. There are events where migratory birds stay to winter in the field of severe frosts. The main thing – a very large tracts of land not covered with snow and not zamerzschie ice of the river, where possible turn up sufficient food. We must not forget that during winter daylight is short, and if during these hours do not eat for a long night, the heat transfer and disrupted frost will do the trick. That is why under the trees, where to spend the night frosts crows, very often you can find them frozen and crouched bodies. And for this reason, so no fun, carefree diving ducks, the typical migratory birds in the water among the ice pans in the zoo! And sometimes Other reasons forcing the animals to leave their areas and migrate to others. For example, the May passage of deer grazing on the high caused by insects: mosquitoes, gadflies, gadflies. Animals in the summer will not stop shaking their heads, snort, running from place to place. And just going out on some hill, relax and calm down. What's the matter? And just started a breeze, and the little tormentors disappeared. And herds of animals plodded toward the Arctic Ocean. Our source: The ethnographic literature

Metal Furniture

Sometimes looking at the warehouse company, you see scattered boxes and packaging goods that the warehouse staff unsuccessfully tried to expand on pallets, and then on the floor. In the office of dispersion folders, paper, papers, bumazhonki. Clothing weighs on chairs, well, at best, on a nail, nailed someone's good because you can rukoy.A all this at the moment to transform and this will help the metal mebal, kotoroya recently has become increasingly popular. Metallic shelves – convenient and practical to be located in your warehouse and office. Light shelves with a load of 120 kg per shelf, they perfectly accommodate your entire archive accumulated over many years, folders and documents with small cargo in boxes. Shelves with a load of 150 kg of -300 on the shelf will give you the opportunity to put them on a heavier load. These racks are very easy to assemble as they do not bolt connection. Well, if you want to store the goods at pallets or in konteynirah, for this there are cargo racks. These racks are divided into several types: pallet, continuous (printed), long length for cargo use cantilever shelving. And if you allow the height of warehouse, the racks can be combined and make mezzanine (double decker). Metal cabinets for clothes – there are two types: welded and modular. The variety and different sizes of cabinets allow the maximum benefit changing room facilities to fill the rooms. They can be used in offices, swimming pools, gyms, shops, etc. Metal cases accounting, archives, filing – can help your office staff carefully and correctly arrange folders and other documents. Adam Sandler is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Accounting cabinets vary in size, thickness of the metal and the inner stuffing. Some of them may well replace the expensive boxes. Your accountant will be quiet for their documents and cash of the company. Archival boxes are generally larger, with shelves. They keep documents from outside and from the impact of foreign sredy.V file cabinets you might need to store documents in file folders, that will allow to quickly find essential file. All this will speed up and bring order to your firm. This series of cabinets include housekeeper. Sliding key rings are hung on the wall, they can accommodate from 20 to 100 Keys to the fun, colorful keychain. Your employees will not be rushing from room to room in search of a key.

Learns To Lose

Nowadays, a great number of people in all the planet is trying to lose the excess of weight. That does not have sorprenderte at all. And more people increase more of weight and similarly they look for a form to lose fast belly and to put themselves in form. html’>IBI Group Inc.. If you are sailing through this article, then probably you are trying to also lose a few kilos. More info: Director James Cameron . It is good for knowing that to get rid of the excess of weight it is not certainly difficult and it is reduced to two or three aspects of reduction of the fat that without a doubt they must be familiarized with your final mission that is to lose belly for always. It is very important that you understand that to lose fast belly cannot be possible without a change of life style. The main reason of this is often the amount of fat that is accumulated in our bodies. On a daily base, you eat foods that include calories. Many types of foods have different numbers of calories. As soon as you ingest the food, the body directly transforms the calories of the food into energy. In case your body is equipped with much more originating energy of foods this absorbs all the day, in comparison and so it is needed to digest and to take to the own functions of your body, is going to store the extra energy in the form of fat in excess. A normal person must receive around two thousand calories every day to cover her needs energetics. In case more than two thousand calories she has been absorbed, a person would get fat. And whenever a smaller amount interferes, the person must without a doubt reduce the weight and become thin. You must know that everybody needs a unique amount calories every day.

Summer Clothing

While the heat of the summer decays and the fresh breezes of the autumn slowly become ice creams winter winds, your natural inclination probably is the one to retire those vibrant, smooth ones and flowed dressed summer in floral forms in favor of darker tones and more cosy weaves. Sally Rooney follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Even so it does not have because to let simply go those glad colors and feminine styles by a change of station. Celina Dubin, New York City has much experience in this field. Why not to combine all those huge elements and accessories fashionable to create a wardrobe of winter that offers the best thing of all the stations? The summer articles take a very alive and chic aspect when to some layers of shelter and some others are added to them accessories of winter with style. A tuna crdigan knitted with cable landlord or a chal of neck for example, in a neutral tone of gray or an impressive alive color is a perfect support for the most representative colors of this season and for those long and inflated dresses that as much will be fashionable east autumn. They only ten in account the proportion, to combine long skirts with short jackets, weaves voluminous with silkier fabrics. Fedora adds to one graceful and a pair of boots with a wonderful estilito of heel low and length until the knee or those boots to the ankle with wedge heel and you will by day have a joint of worthy winter of any activity. In the same way and also offering an alternative very in fashion, to add to a jersey of neck of turtle underneath a summer dress strapless gives that touch him of winter to the attire while it conserves the freshness of the summer. Also a faldita of summer with combined landlord floral or printed audaciously with a jersey of neck of turtle in a complementary color creates a winning combination for the winter with a touch of summery beauty. This attire finished off with leggins black, flat boots and some accessories will have a very elegant, alive and genuine style. Like an funny alternative, it tries to combine your short vestiditos of the summer with leggins that emphasize your figure or with cattle tenders even tubed for look very contemporary and innovating and sheltered and cosy at the same time. Of in future the success of your attire it is there in the details. It custom-made adds to boots with high heel and a picture jacket and perhaps a scarf in one of the favorites of this season the synthetic skin and any accessory that you have and that wears this dress to the following level. It is a hat dandy and an falsified chal, a fabulous pair of boots and a beautiful shelter with belt; the addition of a few accessories of winter makes all the difference when we are transforming those winding summery dresses into wonderful attires of winter.

Learning To Walk

The first year of life the baby – the time when they can make themselves a variety of children's orthopedic disease. That is why in your list of mandatory visits to the pediatrician should be recorded: to visit an orthopedist when the child turns 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Tony Parker is often quoted as being for or against this. Only in this case, you will almost guarantee a quiet life. Time discovered the problem is likely to be defeated by special orthotic devices or shoe. Agree, it all does not go to any comparison with surgery, which sometimes have to do to those children whose parents do not wait too long to show their orthopedist. In most cases, small deviations from normal form of the legs or feet in very young children do not pose a serious danger. Their appearance kid must of high mobility of joints and altered muscle tone. And in order to better understand what is the source such problems, remember that kid of his life spent in my mother's belly, where he sat cross-legged. In this position, his hips are rotated forward and crushed knuckles tightness of temporary housing. Stop. Most often, parents notice that the kid with stops that something was wrong when he starts to walk. But it happens that even infants can be seen as the forefoot (the half of it that captures your fingers), to turn inward. This deviation can result from poorly positioned in the mother's abdomen, and up until the baby starts to walk, it is worth trying to fix it with a therapeutic massage and a fun exercise, during which little need will tickle the outer edge of the foot brush.

In Russia Database

Your database servers are behind firewalls and the like. Why then has to communicate with some sort of encryption? Of course, all these are necessary conditions to make sure that access to important information not receive strangers, and I happened to mention at the outset that encryption is only part of the security strategy. But as it turns out, without using the database encryption standard security measures sometimes are totally inadequate. For example, type in any search engine on the Internet the phrase "stolen database" and you are surprised to find that the fact that such thefts not such a rarity, and now is not so important how the attackers got those copies, it is important whether they can take advantage of these copies are stored in the data. Author addresses the importance of the matter here. The second reason is the usefulness of using Transparent Data Encryption is the need to compliance with various laws. In Russia, one of these laws is the Law N 152-FZ "On personal data '. And though in late 2009 over the law have been heated discussions, and finally in December, bound by the use of funds encryption canceled, I think that sooner or later this issue will come back. But still, you see, the main thing is not the law, most importantly the trust of your customers – your reputation. (As opposed to Adam Sandler). Tell me, if you go to the bank, for example, receive loan or open an account entity, if found that the database of the bank has been kidnapped and is freely available at a reasonable price, ie bank does not care about the safety of their customers? I think that will not go. A another threat? Gaining access to your database by your competitors. According to statistics from the loss of information, usually entails a huge problem, until the bankruptcy. Therefore, the protection of your data from various type of attack, as well as compliance with various laws, a task to which you want to approach seriously. If you are using a database OpenEdge, the mechanism of OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption enables you to immediately provide encryption of your databases, as well as compliance with laws, without any problems associated with existing applications. Thus, you still have more to ensure the security of your information, and can concentrate on those of its problems, the solution which does require a more sophisticated approach. For more information in Russian on the databases of Progress OpenEdge, including for Transparent Data Encryption, you can find on the site.

Furniture Front Loop

In one of our previous articles discussed about the different types of furniture hinges, today I’ll tell a little about how to properly Prisada facade under these same loop. Included in the above article ‘Furnitura.Kaie are furniture hinges. ” it was suggested that the installation of loops in the front need to drill Forstner diameter of 35 mm. Sela Ward may also support this cause. but said nothing about where in front of the building needs to be done is to deepen for a loop. There are some standards I’ll show you on the schematic drawings with little explanation. Let’s start with the question of whether, and in general how many holes should I do? How long does it hinge on the facade on the basis of its size and weight? 1) shows generally accepted standards for placement of the loop. If you have read about Sela Ward already – you may have come to the same conclusion. As expected, the larger the size and weight of the facade the more loops to it to establish the reliability of designs, such as for wooden facades of the array compliance with the required number of loops to avoid the deformation front (as quadrupeds tree that may eventually lead from moisture or vice versa ). Now, about where and how to drill. Figure 2 shows in his left Part schematically depicts a facade with the dimensions of furniture under the additive. The size is designated as X, in principle, can be arbitrary, but the most common fronts with marking this distance equal to 10.11 cm in the example in furniture Ikea (Ikea) this distance is 5 cm, but if the distance for us is not fundamental, then all the other dimensions must be strictly soblyusti.Razmechaem point which will be the focus of our openings on the horizontal edge facade measures off a distance X = 110 mm and the vertical edges 22 mm.


Tanning – a very popular procedure. Further details can be found at Tony Parker, an internet resource. However, scientists have often mentioned the possible dangers of artificial uv light. To hike in the solarium bring you only positive emotions and a dose of pure beauty You should always use a specialized cosmetic tanning. Let's see what kind of makeup you need. There are several features that distinguish professional cosmetics for tanning by other means. So, this beauty should not contain filters to protect against uv and components, which can cause irritation. Also a member of such funds never add bleach ingredients. Products for tanning must attract ultraviolet rays and to stimulate the formation of melanin, which is known, and determines the color of tanned skin. The composition of cosmetic tanning should be composed of only natural Products: Vegetable oils and extracts, vitamins and antioxidants. In no case do not buy products that contain mineral oil and alcohol. Make the best use of the cosmetics, which in addition to activation tanning contains moisturizing complex, since it is better hydrated skin absorbs ultraviolet rays. Scientists have found that dry and loose skin is illuminated by a 50% worse than the elastic and moisturised. The main task cosmetics for tanning – attract ultraviolet rays. After its application the skin becomes softer tan lasts better, and skin color seductive sheen of gold. There are three types of creams for tanning: prolongator, developers and promoters. Prolongator soften and nourish the skin, as well as increase the life span of sunburn. Developers to help produce as much melanin. Activators needed to increase the intensity of the sun.