Wilfried Reuter

Find a way of to inner strength access to the inner sources of strength it is possible that Buddhism in the West can permanently gain a foothold? He remains a marginal phenomenon, or slips even into the wellness spirituality? Succeeded very convincingly the Berlin meditation teacher and obstetricians and Gynecologists Wilfried Reuter with his book, to show the people of today useful perspectives. It offers life coaching is the timeless teachings of the Buddha are based, is represented in a contemporary language and refers to the reality of our modern life. He describes how we to inner strength can find and resolve old habits and gain access to our inner sources of strength. Wilfried Reuter has implemented very seriously and now successfully his teacher Ayya Khema, to call to establish a centre in Berlin and lead, as everyone easily can convince himself, the Lotus Vihara looking up in Berlin’s Centre, a very vivid Buddhist Centre. He is also working as practising obstetricians and Gynecologists and sure it helps that he knows what Burns us on the nails and is important. In his book, he examines the questions, what distinguishes people who lose not the grip even in difficult situations, and how we can strengthen and develop such a capability. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out The Author. Wilfried Reuter brings many practical exercises and examples and shows how the teachings of the Buddha today can contribute. The book is accompanied with a CD with a Mindfulness – and a Mettameditation. Hardcover, 208 pages, with CD, ISBN 978-3-942085-08-3, edition of 19.90 euro steinrich 2010, Traudel Reiss.

Dangerous Toys For Children

For the uninitiated, it is not always easy to detect shortcomings in the toy. Consumer confidence is shaken: are repeatedly negative headlines about toys for several years. Usually – but definitely not always – cheap goods from China is affected. The diagnosis is dramatic in some cases: toxic substances endanger the health of our children. But how can consumers protect themselves? The key to an effective self-protection are information and attention. Howard Schultz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To to inform you, the potential buyer of toys can read critical journals such as, for example, “oko-Test” or online research game vehicle tests. Here, repeatedly portrayed developments and published particularly drastic cases. In addition, attentive consumers should take a toy before buying just into appearances. Several defects can expose themselves also for untrained senses. Sometimes, even with the naked eye, you can see that a toy is sloppy. It threaten for example sharp corners and edges, which can hurt children’s eyes. Also loose small parts can be often seen. It should be noted that infants could solve even seemingly fixed parts. The situation of “invisible” toxic substances is particularly difficult. Gain insight and clarity with Howard Schultz. Here, the critical test of nose sometimes helps: what stinks in the toy shelf in the truest sense to heaven, may poses a potential danger. Especially the chemical plasticizer in plastics, but also several dyes, are difficult to calculate risks. Ultimately, a residual risk is unavoidable. The most critical and aufmerksamste consumer can run the risk to buy a low-quality toys. Even the sale price of a spinning is no sufficient warning, because even recognised brands toys in poison scandals was involved. Yet: Who buys toys with mind, can protect his children from some threats. In addition, it should be remembered that the probability of health damage, the bottom line remains low. There must be several adverse factors come together to produce severe injuries or poisoning. The European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany have adopted many limits, which are generally suitable to protect especially young children.

Losing Weight

Decreases the weight of a vehicle about 100 pounds, decreased his consumption by up to 0.3 litres. Therefore each component will be examined in the automotive industry, whether it can be even easier. The passenger car gearbox construction illustrates how innovative approaches are. Here it is to streamline millions to be gears and similar components”. For this to work efficiently, machine manufacturers such as the EMAG set Group headquartered in Salach in Goppingen on high-tech solutions. Laser welding machines are a spectacular example of this. It is a central component in the car indispensable and millions built: the differential gear. Can more easily design and produce an optimized component? The answer of designers is strikingly obvious: so, the previously used screw connection between two parts of the differential gear is replaced by a weld when German car companies. An important cost factor reduces the amount of material in the face of the large numbers. Recently Jorge Perez sought to clarify these questions. It is at the same time Weight of the differential housing to about 1.2 pounds lighter. For the automotive sector, these savings is of course”a world, explains Dr. Andreas Mootz, Managing Director EMAG automation. Process integration ensures efficient procedures, but how does the production process during laser welding finally applies it to produce a huge number of pieces? The production is carried out with automated laser welding equipment by EMAG. The machine loads itself, then the components are pressed together and joined with laser welding. Depending on the component more processes inside the machines are used. The complete procedure for a gear in just twelve seconds, the components of a differential are welded finished together in this way in 40 seconds. In the process of laser welding the energy of the laser beam can be accurately dosed”, explains Mootz. Worldwide leader in total can at transmission components on the laser welding specialists from EMAG an impressive success story look back: all leading drivers have the technology in use. The General market development helps the German machine builders: so for example the successful dual-clutch gearbox ensures a higher gear production. Conventional manual transmission have more course in the trend, because in this way decreases the fuel consumption of vehicles.

PKV Rates With Rebates

Linked to performance and performance-based models In the context of a private health insurance are the individual contractual conditions. Under certain conditions, insurance benefit from rebates. Appropriate tariffs can provide performance or non-performance refunds. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal specifically introduces the two ways. Private health insurance can be associated with some advantages, not only as regards the status of the patient. So about performance-based or performance-related contribution refunds are possible. For performance-based rebates of the insured to a certain percentage is involved in the success of the business year. The company thus generated surpluses in the previous year, contributions will be returned to the insured. Such results can occur if, for example, operating and management costs lower than planned, or if the posts were calculated on the relatively gently. In addition can benefit from higher income from the assets. Performance-related rebates are handled differently by the company. For example, one-time or permanent reduction of the contributions or payments in the form of a monthly bonus are common. In some cases, the refunds are made yearly. Performance-related contribution refund arise unless this has been set contractually, if policyholders have no insurance services in the previous year. In some cases, insured can weigh at the end of the year whether a refund of collected invoices is worth or whether the contribution refund represents the cheaper option.

Nokia Repair

Today's statistics show that in each calendar year the amount of people who one way or another used in its reality and the work of a variety of complex electronic devices, only increases. At this – grows in direct geometric progression. Even those who are still quite a few years ago believed that a cell phone or, indeed, the laptop is a needless luxury, more and more frequently used such electronic devices. Because that much more valuable than the comfort and speed of delivery of any action which affects any of us preuspevaemost in this society. A present-day multi-functional electronics makes such delivery of a more simple and easily manufactured. However, it is clear what you want electronics wants ongoing service and at the same time adjusting. And besides, mobile phones can often mean that in a couple of tens of hours, even weeks, you need to do without your convenient device. However, most companies that make the repair of cellular phones, offer their own customers for a period of repairs to select the unit lease. But most importantly, when you give your own mobile or any other electronic device to be repaired, so as a result of the unit was "like new". And the obvious thing for this need to professionals who make repairs nokia cell phones can do direct telephone sets this brand. This allows professionals to develop their own skills, and customers – to take a truly the quality of the repairs as soon as possible. Since it is clear that the specialist who may specialize in a particular brand or model, much more quickly pick up the essence of failure, because he understands everything without exclusion of "weak points" of the brand. And, accordingly, to correct the damage quickly. This trend may relate to both maintenance of cellular telephones and any other maintenance activities associated with electronic systems. For example, laptop repair specialists in any case offer a book in Narrow organizations, and not in multi. Indeed, one option – so when sophisticated – and expensive – equipment will be engage in a master repairing netbooks and otherwise – when the same master just corrected kettle or fridge, and an hour to clean the sewer line will go to one of our customers. In the first case, there is chance to actually fix the skilful, the last such chance is practically not present. And, of course, must initially inquire about the level of quality repairs in a particular service center, if you decided to choose such that as close to home, rather than corporate service center. After all, it is clear that the greedy pay twice.

Ostfale Days 2011 In Barleben

Trade fair is to support especially the domestic economy on 28 and 29 May is 2011 the big trade fair Ostfale days “held in bar life. A high point for the regional economy. The special Ostfale days however is the idea, says Sven Fricke. He is Director of the entrepreneurs and ideas of Ostfale days. Speaking candidly Sally Rooney told us the story. We want that the earned money stays here in the region. Therefore we have called 2009 the Ostfale days as a trade show in life.” An ideal option is available with the Ostfale days in the innovation and startup Centre (IGZ) in the technology park of Eastphalia the enterprises of the region, to present themselves to a wider audience. Important business contacts are made and frequently arise in the wake of this fair discussions interesting orders for local companies. Moreover, the Ostfale days used also by many visitors, to inform what the companies in their region do so everything. And thus, the circle is closed again. Because if bar life Business promoter at this trade fair bring together large companies, small businesses and individuals from the region for potential future missions, the good idea is implemented and the idea successful. Also the organizers of Ostfale days quite deliberately to have decided only the exhibition”to be held every two years. The Ostfale days to have a real added value for all exhibitors and visitors. There should be no trade fair among many, Sven Fricke. This is a further sign that the successful concept of the Ostfale days dedicated people behind, that track in particular further economic strengthening of the region. Over 100 exhibitors and approximately 20 clubs present themselves at an area of about 900 square meters. “Under the programme is also a panel discussion titled mobility is future” planned. Energy prices are rising steadily, and because the relevant companies on the spot, we would like to the developments in the Eastphalia days focuses on show up around the mobility and individual alternatives, such as, for example, the new electric vehicle of community, present. The Panel discussion on Saturday at 11:30, we have organised together with the Industrie – und Handelskammer Magdeburg, our former State Transportation Secretary Dr. Karl-Heinz Daehre and other interlocutors in the industry have announced. A workshop of the State initiative network SMEs, on the same day around 13:00 to 14:30, devoted to the subject of psychology of selling and sales success guarantee for good customer relations. Contact: Thomas Z000zi municipality Barleben press and public relations phone: + 49 (0) 39203 5 65 21 80 fax: + 49 (0) 39203 56 55 21 80

Festival Orchestra

For the Yes-Word on the 09.09.09 as well as on the 09.09.09 who the 9 September as a wedding chooses classics under Palms 99,99 EUR for the Yes-Word this year and as a honeymoon destination, Ocean travel book the Seychelles blue special venue, March 31, 2010 will receive a voucher 99,99 EUR 99.99 Euro if you make the trip at the latest. This can be redeemed at the holiday destination for an excursion. Since Foundation of the company now nearly eight years ago, the program includes the individual organization of weddings in Seychelles and Mauritius as well as corresponding honeymoon arrangements, also on the Maldives and on La Reunion. For the year 2009 has the Organizer put together but again some attractive complete packages for a memorable start to the marriage. For the Seychelles and Mauritius are two-week romantic, Deluxe and exclusive “programs between 1,880 EUR and 4.590 EUR per person including flight selection. At the Deluxe and the exclusive variant is even a helicopter flight to the Seychelles with in the price contain. There is more information and even more wedding options under +++ classical music under the Palm trees: with blue ocean travel to the international music festival in the Seychelles who classical music from the Baroque and romantic once in tropical climes want to experience, should in the period from 26 May until 5th June 2009 schedule a trip to the Seychelles. More information is housed here: Anna Belknap. In this period the Seychelles International Festival music already for the sixth time of classical”instead. To do this, numerous, excellent (young) artists from around the world arrive. The Festival is held under the musical direction of the renowned British conductor Jacques Cohen and Benjamin Ellin. Jacques Cohen is currently the musical director of the well-known British ISIS ensemble. He with many major orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra, has already the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the George Enescu Philharmonic in Bucharest together worked. Benjamin Ellin was awarded in 2007 with the highest price of the first Evgeny Svetlanov of international conducting competition in Luxembourg. Also he as with many orchestras on the conductor’s rostrum as, for example, the Russian State Symphony Orchestra, the new Russian Symphony Orchestra, and the BBC orchestras in Scotland and Wales and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. “In the Seychelles you set the tone for the InterFest Symphony Orchestra” with British professional musicians who accompany also the InterFest choir and renowned international instrumentalists and singers. Among other works are listed by Handel, Purcell, Bach and Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Sibelius. The choir sings also the Cecilia by Gounot apart from Handel’s Messiah. Besides the Open-Air concerts in the State House Gardens”and the events in various churches and in the International Congress Center on Mahe at the Beau Vallon Bay. Further information under under offers the Seychelles specialist blue ocean travel offers you a wide range of hotel for Mahe and other Inseln.+++ Blue Ocean travel GmbH, the special tour operator for the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean, in the Direct marketing an extensive itinerary for the Seychelles, Mauritius, Rodrigues, the Maldives, La Reunion and Madagascar. Product range also include Dubai and Doha. Under the service telephone number + 49 (0) 9287 99 88 10 reached the operators day and night for customers and prospective customers. The company is a member of IATA, the asr and the IGLTA. The client money protection by tourVERS by securing tickets. Blue Ocean travel is a registered trademark.

Help For A Paradise

Child development in the Antilles. Things to do this project. The project of Santa Lucia St. Lucia lies in the area of the West Indies, and is one of the Lesser Antilles. St. Lucia is the third largest of the Windward Islands and part of the so-called the Windward Islands and now an independent small State. San Antonio Spurs will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the field of health care of the children and child development, help and support is welcome and needed. Therefore, the Foundation of child development from Hamburg, Germany actively supports this project presented here, not covered up by high administrative costs, but decisiveness and the will to help children directly and personally. Many people think with naming of the Caribbean with its countless islands of a distant paradise with Palm trees, sea, sand and Sun. That but unfortunately not only also applies. St. Lucia also prevails on poverty and great need of all. Children are thin and critical supply chain is often the last link and can not themselves against social and other threats to fend. Works in Santa Lucia Dr Med. Brigitte Schuling, pediatrician at the Hamburg Centre for child development and as a member of the Forderverein child development association, for many years without significant official support, on the island of a social-paediatric Centre to expand. Under kindesentwicklung.org you will find a remarkable series of images to this project. Au website the menu point children’s world should”be enabled.

Internet Marketing

If you are plan to have its business or work with Internet Marketing successfully, go to need a great amount of contacts or leads to generate its business. The main ones are: Sites of articles You gratis publish its article on the subject of its you negotiate and you announce its site or blog. Gratis-Announce announcements gratis in diverse sites of announcements. Net Social-You creates its and makes list of friends. For even more analysis, hear from Tony Parker. Proposal of the Marketing of Attraction? somewhat informative sales as one e-book that of some form it can be of interest for its possible prospect. For example its its market is the Internet Marketing sales one e-book that it is of interest for this market. The people who to answer already are interested in its market, then everything what you have to make is to discover a form to attract the prospect for its business. At last they are some forms to generate its contacts gratis. It learns more, has access:


Amtsgericht Bremen: preliminary insolvency administrator ordered the District Court of Bremen has announced that of the bankruptcy procedure to the AZ.: 519 21/12 against the assets of the JACKY RICKMERS shipping company mbH & Cie. KG, new mills 19, 22763 Hamburg (Hamburg, HRA 99390 AG), a provisional liquidator is ordered. The initiator of the ship Fund JACKY RICKMERS shipping company mbH & Cie. KG is the issuing House ATLANTIC society to teach of international investment GmbH & Co KG. The founded in 1998 issuing House ATLANTIC society to teach of international investment GmbH & Co KG, a subsidiary of the Rickmers group, placed on the German equity market of ship funds and real estate funds. The ATLANTIC has the acquisition, design, production and distribution company for the provision of international investment GmbH & Co KG to the business object. The emission of the JACKY RICKMERS shipping company mbH & Cie. KG took place in 2004 / 2005. The investment volume of placement amounted to EUR 22.895.000,00. At the MS Jacky Rickmers”is to a full container ship (FVC) with a load capacity of 24.280 tdw, a size of approx. 196,90 x 27,80 meters, at a draught 10.50 meters. The artist of Fund JACKY RICKMERS shipping company mbH & Cie. KG have entrepreneurs participated. Naturally, it is connected to an entrepreneurial participation opportunities and risks. Chances are among other things in perspective, to generate profits, either through dividends or an increase of in investment assets. But these are opportunities that cannot be guaranteed. In contrast, the risk of loss are mirror including therefore up to a total loss of the deposit. see You also: ATLANTIC_Jacky_Rickmers.html author: Ralf Renner – lawyer and a bank clerk – law firm Renner Kurfurstendamm 21 10719 Berlin Tel.: 030 / 810 030 22