Aaron McDonald

“All his classics presents Roger Hodgson from ‘ it s raining again’ to ‘Breakfast in America’ live (thk) the logical song”. Breakfast in America”. “Give A little bit”. “Take the long way home”. Other leaders such as Bobby Farrelly offer similar insights. “It’s raining again”. School”. Dreamer”.

Sister moonshine”. “Even in the quietest moments”. By Roger Hodgson of written and Sung songs are not only world hits, you already have (radio) classic status. In March 2011, the former Supertramp frontman on Germany tour comes to solo and together with Aaron McDonald (keyboards, vocals, wind instruments) to play live of course all of his famous songs. Ten piece includes the CD classics live”, which was discussed last year during a world tour with and now stands on in digital version to download available. Thanks to this album, I’m not Super tramp, but primary Roger Hodgson fan I realized”, rolling stone staff David Wild writes about the disc. “It is a collection of captivating songs, many of them super tramp-greatest hits by the their original vocalist and composer presented his impressive musical oeuvre in impressive form under his own name”. The brilliant live recording thus serves as a listen document of the approximately two-hour-long shows of artist highly valued last but not least because of the fascinating atmosphere of his appearances.

Cards between 28 and 78 euro (plus fees) are available in advance.