Advertising New

Sometimes the virtual human relations have gained importance and induce to the confusion between reality and fiction. In this film it is ended up welcoming in a personage of the fiction with better soul than real to the reality. Source: Sela Ward. This parodia the present situation on the relations friendship-loves by Internet; where the signs of identity like the age, the culture do not exist. The society of the information and the new technologies The virtualizacin processes are enrolled in an historical and social dimension. that, it began in parallel with the expansion of radiotelephony and the cinema. This has supposed supposes a change in the axis of the culture that it moves from the writing as social and linguistic limit towards the speech. Without hesitation Director Peter Farrelly explained all about the problem.

Slowly, our symbolic universe begins to move away of the normative codes and rigid of the culture illustrated towards the most flexible codes of a culture of masses radiotelephony has expanded even a new form to codify our alphabet incorporating new codes (tbn = also; X= by .) new forms to narrate and ideological. In these virtualizacin processes begin to be developed the virtual, cosmopolitan city and consumer by definition it brings with himself new ways to conceive the policy, the ethics, the entertainment, and the daily life. The virtual city makes of the society means and the publicity the language of the politician. the society happens mediatic support of the advertising speech. The advertising speech like the heart of the speech of the society, since it radiates from the space restricted originally assigned to the publicity, abriendo itself to all the space of the society: Thus, the publicity comes to compete world-wide with the political speech as the unique apt speech to give to account of the group the advertising speech is not one parodia of the political speech but an alternative to this one.