Air Conditioners

In recent years increasing popularity of split-system with inverter control. Let us examine the features and benefits of this technology. Inverter (frequency converter) allows you to smoothly adjust the speed of the compressor shaft, and thus to vary the cooling capacity of air conditioning or heating. Charlotte Hornets wanted to know more. Because of this, the system becomes more economical and durable. To achieve the desired temperature inverter split system initially operates at high power and approximately 15% faster than conventional analog reaches her as cooling air and heating mode. When the desired temperature is reached, air conditioner compressor off and continuing almost silent running at low speed, very accurate ( 0,5 C) maintaining the temperature of air in the room. San-antonio-spurs describes an additional similar source. The usual air conditioner should always turn on and off, so consumes 40% more power while maintaining the desired temperature than inverter split system, which supports only the desired power level of the compressor and therefore much more economical.

Inverter air conditioner also provides a long life of the compressor, since it can operate in a minimal mode (maintaining set temperature of air) and forced (for rapid cooling or heating air). When the compressor is always warm, less prone to wear and is much quieter. Rusty holzer can provide more clarity in the matter. We summarize the distinct advantages of inverter split systems over conventional air conditioning: the rapid cooling and heating air accurately maintain the desired temperature, energy saving, longer compressor life. Source: Company ArhKlimat (