Albert Einstein

What to you you annoy to him, Don Miguel, is the one of Fuerteventura placed diagonally Torrent, in an indefinable tone able to combine socarronera with the respectful deference. Before the alluded one talked back, Torrent became towards me: Is that it was there, deportee by dictablanda of Primo de Rivera, the father of Jose Antonio. And dale with calling soft to the dictatorship of Cousin! It was brutal and absurd a dictatorship like all. And, which is worse: useless. But you took advantage of his stay in Fuerteventura to write continued pricking the other to him. I there was surprised, igalo well, been strange.

That is to say, taken to a strange place, extracted of my intellectual habitat, eradicated, since they do with some vegetables, to transplant me to a desert. What it annoys to Don Miguel to him returned to explain Gallego to me is that one must now be a paradise and when he was, however, was no sand more. Sand, an immense sea, three villagers and two camels Because yes, that also is a paradox: that the hell of then has now become the voluntary tourist destiny of other beings. But thus it is the life: a continuous change, a permanent contradiction. All the things are ephemeral by nature. And changeable. And, speaking of this, by the way, meet you it theory of relativity of Albert Einstein? I in conditions was not for undergoing another examination. And, less, one so complicated and abstruse one as that one. But before finding the way of to loosen to me of him, doctor Villalobos came in my aid without trying it, superposing another question: With the permission of the director, before you answer his question, he has been able to see the exhibition on my trajectory and my time that finishes closing? Then no, the truth, because I only do awhile that I am this way.