American Studies

Despite the fact that the fall has recently entered into its own, very soon a large part of our country will be covered with snow. This too we have the climate, nothing can be done. But they said the Chinese sages, all need to look positive side. And one of the most positive aspects of winter, in addition, of course, approach the New Year, is the ability to re-do winter sports. During Soviet times, winter sports were very popular in our country. True, if their number was much smaller than today. Alpine and slalom skiing, skating, figure skating, hockey – here, perhaps, and all they could entertain themselves with ordinary sports fans in the winter season.

Today we has the opportunity to observe a completely different picture. To the traditional kinds of winter sports were added a very large number of new, hitherto known only from foreign magazines, sports. Snowboarding, curling, skiing freestyle mogul and others – all of this today is not only well-known Russian winter sports enthusiasts, but also has a well-deserved popularity among them. Each kind of winter sport requires something different: lovers freedom and open spaces of the soul serene (or the opposite – rapid), snowboarding or skiing on the slopes of the mountains, creative people who prefer to express themselves in the aesthetics of dance, chosen figure skating, team sports lovers find themselves in hockey or curling. As you can see, everyone can easily find the perfect solution for your kind of winter sports. And if we talk about therapeutic and psychological effects winter sports, we can say that they are even higher than in the summer species. After the winter, most people feel a bit worse than in summer, and lowering the general tone affects all areas of human life, including in work.

It is for this reason that the number of American networks involved in the organization of corporate forms of recreation, winter sports take priority. And of their study show that the efficiency of winter types of corporate holiday turns out to be 15-20% higher than the others. And it's certainly not a rosy cheeks from the frost of middle managers. The fact that in winter people than ever need the positive emotions and vivid impressions. And if that positive emotions are combined with active and interesting sports, not only promotes team building and develop a common team spirit, but also, more importantly, the removal pent-up stress – it becomes clear why is not stupid, American experts involved in the organization of corporate recreation, choose just the winter sports. It is noteworthy that in this case we have no shadow of a doubt we can rely on data for American Studies, as vivid impressions and positive emotions in people from all over the world are exactly the same. This means that in Russia the effectiveness of Corporate holiday in the winter will be very high. In addition, we would like to mention another important point. Do you remember how much we in childhood uplifting game of snowballs at the big change? Slightly to paraphrase the words of a famous philosopher, we can say that in this case a game of snowballs – the same water, so necessary weary traveler. And do not think that snowball – the metaphor. Companies that are due to those or other objective reasons can not afford to allocate an amount for the Winter of corporate holiday, it can approach this creative. After all, as they say, the original fantasy can breathe new life into the seemingly most familiar and banal things.