Aminath Abdulmanapovoy Poets

Academy publishes an annual "Almanac of Poetry," poluentsiklopedicheskuyu series "All Russia" and other books that tell about different parts of our country, about history, geography, culture of a people. One feature of the anthology is that it is not only publish well-known elected, charismatic writers. It also gives you a ticket to a little-known great literature, but talented and original poets, "brightened" to their extensive All-Russian literary screen. Among them we find the workers, scientists, military, techies, etc., in various editions of the almanac published poetry and masters Dagestani Poetry – Rasul Gamzatov, Phase Aliyeva Badrutdina Magomedov, Hope Aces Tagirat Hasanova. Poetry is multifaceted, diverse, multi-colored. It inexhaustible range of shades, it holds a whole new world.

Poetry – one of the natural manifestations of the spiritual life of mankind. We can say one of the best of its manifestations, as love, faith. San Antonio Spurs will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Sometimes it seems that the spiritual energy of the poetic word can revive the dead … That's maintain this energy and transfer it to the next generation is conceived and the Academy of poetry. There is also the Academy of its North Caucasus branch. 2008 was our anniversary and we have not only summarized, but planned Further work by promoting writing in the national languages of the authors. Among them are unknown to a wide audience talented poets and writers. This year we intend to publish an anthology of one Dagestan poems.

In the future such an anthology will be published in other North Caucasus republics. During our existence we have managed to publish poetry in the publishing house of the Academy in Moscow, a collection of poems of the poet of Dagestan Kurbanmagomeda Magomedov. Makhachkala – Book of Hope poets aces and Aminath Abdulmanapovoy. Preparing to publish a collection of Tagirat Hasanova. On the 150th anniversary of Makhachkala, prepared a book-album with the publication of the authors (poets, composers, artists) who have dedicated their works to the capital. Since 2008, a competition for the best poet, the, the best literary critic and best documentary about the poet and poetry. North-Caucasus branch of the Academy, according to ordinance, annually receives into its ranks new members, corresponding members and academics.