Anke Barge

It is known from studies that the user Welcome to brand messages of this type, as they are not disruptive and create even close to reality. The maximum range of the game can be seen: as Greentube expects a turnout of 400,000 users. The big pizza mountain bike challenge 09 ‘ is freely available on and The gamers compete first in qualifying, later in the tournament mode. Green tube has programmed four exciting international racetracks, reminiscent of real mountain bike trails to the part. First is just the distance Fort William (UK) to play, more tracks each after each weekend race freely appear: from mid-June Holy Blood, known as the Queen stage of the cycling tour of Austria; from mid-July a route that leads over the great wall of China and mid August offering the Winterberg course”a spectacular stretch of forest. Anke Barge, head of advertising and public relations Wagner pizza: the research results obtained since last year have confirmed us fully and completely in it.

that our advertising in the games and their environments is optimally placed. The players react predominantly positive. Wagner pizza is perceived believable and sympathetic, and also the willingness to buy is increasing significantly. “Therefore we are games, such as the mountain bike challenge’ in the future include in our media mix.” Matthias Falkenberg, CEO SevenOne Interactive: advertisers companies benefit from the intense usage situation during the game, a long residence time and an extremely high attention of the player. The gamer feel advertisements in the field of play also as disturbing, but the acceptance of the user to the placed advertising message is high as realistic accordingly.” Thomas Brasch, managing partner nexxter: pioneer of the eGame advertisings as Wagner pizza and Kaspersky can take advantage of the industry all setting in this environment are often. You allocate an entertainment medium whose Relevanz markedly to strategically and back up so a communicative advantage in the competition.” “Eberhard Durrschmid, CEO of Greentube AG: the consistently positive feedback from players and advertisers on the current online game again confirmed that are ad-funded free download games on the right track.” SevenOne Interactive SevenOne Interactive is with 18.8 million unique users of the largest German online marketers (/ AGOF internet facts 2008-IV).