Art And Censorship, The Birth Of The Art

Over the years art has been a hotly debated topic in all its aspects, but one of the most controversial has been the prohibition of various items in it, better known as the censorship of some applied subjects in art. The most interesting is that there is no law to apply censorship, but he criticizes certain themes in art is applied in society; given that they were not to his liking reflected what the authors are their works of art. All this has to do with the time because the behavior and beliefs of society are changing over time, making it possible that some items are accepted while others are repressed. Course, also the determination of the artists by noting his work has allowed this acceptance and although at first not well received, with the time people get used to allow these works to be carried out. As already mentioned above also censorship born out of the item is reflected in the art, as well as there are topics that are commonly used as love, portraits, landscapes, etc., there are certain issues that are most criticized by the society such as religion, eroticism, sadism, grotesque, among others. Although some are not really accepted in their entirety, others simply are not well are seen as the last two. It is important to mention that companies are created taboos about these contexts that do not allow them to be applied in the art. As already mentioned one of the main factors of censorship is the time in which we live, for example in ancient times was not well seen naked bodies were translated, as to what was coming were portraits, but with the time naked bodies were emerging, and although at first not accepted society, were introduced gradually in the art to be appreciated, it happened with many other issues, but unfortunately for that acceptance is given, it must go through several violent processes in which society is reflected against the artists to suppress their ideas.