Article Directories

Promotion through article directories is by far one of the most effective methods. Searchers are actively struggling with the sale of options, run sites in the catalog is already inefficient, xss Yandex closed even during times, Magadan, and for the mutual exchange links in general may ban both sites involved in the exchange. But not so long ago there were article directories. Agree that the reference in the text of the article looks much more natural to present separately. Besides of the benefits it should be noted that the surrounding link text helps to climb higher in the low-frequency queries.

But the article directories, there are downsides. For example, for different directories need different articles (except will be gluing, ie, ps only one article). For this reason, much to catch up on citation index would be very problematic. Solve the problem with the uniqueness of articles is not difficult – many copywriters do reproduction of articles, the Internet can easily find free sinonimayzery and programs to generate unique articles. In general, the articles directory – it is a good thing to raise the site to the top of various search demands but not to build puzomerok.