At expands its portfolio of media on a total 240,000 CDs, movies, and games. Hamburg, September 30, 2009: Film and music fans beware: since the beginning of September the media merchant has his assortment of music, movies and games greatly expanded. In total, around 240,000 CDs, movies, and games are available. 200,000 music titles on CD and DVD in all areas from pop rock to classic 32,000 movies on DVD, Blu-ray, and UMD 6,000 games for computers and consoles, this corresponds to a majority of the titles that are available on the German market. Other leaders such as Tony Parker offer similar insights. The over 1,000 partners bookstores, which also offer the range in their online shops take advantage of this new offer.

With the range extension the media merchant offers a round shopping experience with the ability to browse its customers across all media ranges of book on film music in a shop. In time for the holiday shopping now genuine highlights at attractive prices at and partner bookstores are available thus: so a musical top titles such as the new costs Madonna celebration album only 16,99 EUR. Brand new games for PC and consoles such as WII sports resort or anno 1404 are also immediately available such as welcome to the sticks and other current blockbuster movie on DVD and Blu-ray. Via is one of the leading media in Germany, offering German books, foreign-language books, Audiobook CDs, MP3 audio books, electronic books (eBooks), movies, and music on customers in the Internet about 3 million physical and digital media items from the ranges. In addition to the delivery by mail customers can send the title overnight for pickup at one of more than 1,300 bookstores or get it via download. In addition to the Internet GmbH including Internet shop operation, logistics, payment processing, and customer service operates trading media on the Internet throughout Germany for 1,000 stationary bookseller Mayersche Weiland, Buchhabel, Heymann, Spiegel Verlag,, Grafe and Unzer Verlag, Merian and others.