Austria Travel

Fun and variety in the midst of mountains of Germany’s neighbour Austria is known not only for its ski regions, but also for varied hiking areas. While mostly adults for the hiking can inspire, the activities in the nature offer the young sometimes little excitement and variety. How to both in line bring, the travel portal explains A hiking holiday in Austria in the right areas can become a true highlight for young and old. The Austrian hiking villages offer diverse activities which ensure that also the offspring is not too short. There are about 700 tours leaves, which provide information on the nature and the high points of the routes. Hikers will find detailed information about the length and difficulty of the route. Many paths are suitable even for bringing a stroller.

Lakes invite you to the splash and for climbers high rope gardens offer additional variety. In addition to the physical exercise also the aspect of learning not to come. Inquisitive children and young people can monitor bird nests and test your knowledge of flora and fauna, or expand. Nature trails provide an exciting impression of the flora and fauna in a playful way. More information:… service GmbH Lisa Neumann