Battery Check

Before you begin to replace the belt, you must remember "route" it passes through the pulleys. Usually "route" is displayed on a special plate, located under the hood. Replacing the belt should performed in accordance with the instructions in the "User's Manual." If not, then it is better to turn to master the service station, it will make you faster and higher quality, as well aware of many features vehicles. You need to make sure that when replacing the belt has been tested and also the state of pulleys and their bearings. If you have the support pulleys play, and you do not remove, it will soon again become a customer service station.

Removing backlash takes time, so you can be convinced that "this is nothing," although because of the backlash may suffer a generator or air conditioning. After a short run, check the mutual arrangement of pulleys and state replaced the belt. For this range is applied to a pair of sidewalls pulleys. This way you can identify the pulleys with deviations from linearity, which causes accelerated wear of the belt. With pulleys should not apply too carefully check their energetic enough stagger from side to side.

Sometimes in this way can reveal not only the play bearing assembly, but also a crack in the flange or the weakening of fasteners. Rotating pulley enough quickly loosens the attachment and leads to cracks in the flange. Thus, the sequence for replacing the belt: Unplug the 'weight' of the battery. Disconnect all the pipes, remove all the belts, which can interfere with the cover renting a belt drive and work.