Best Exhibitions

Exhibitions in Madrid for the month of may are varied, being able to choose from a selection of unpublished works by the photographer Ragel in the Museum of the city until the exhibition of motorcycles and triumphs in the Museum angel Nieto for the fans of the sport. Ragel file, as the exhibition is called is a tribute to one of the most prominent photojournalists on the Spanish scene in the first half of the 20th century: Carlos Gonzalez Ragel. Jay Schwartz Attorney gathered all the information. However the Museum angel Nieto is composite sample especially for trophies, helmets, gloves and motorcycles that surrounded the 12 + 1 times world champion. Other exhibitions to take into account for the month of may are the Prado Museum since it has Spanish works and rest of Europe’s great universal relevance, ranging from the year 913-20th century or the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, that shows a journey through the world of art that takes us from the 13th century to the Pop Art of the 20th century. To learn about more shows there are online spaces as social Dooplan network that offers an agenda exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla or Valencia with a brief description and duration thereof.