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No doubt the 1950s was a sweet stage for director George Stevens, their 4 films shot during that period: the drama of Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor a place in the Sun (1951), the Western with Alan Ladd and a precocious Jack Palance in Shane (1953), diario de Ana Frank (1959) together title that I dedicate this postGiant (1956) Oscar of those years, while all had an outstanding impact awards in the categories of best film and best director. Stevens with a screenplay by Ivan Moffat and Fred Giol and based on a novel by Edna Feber made this epic melodrama (and why not say it quite long footage) about the evolution of three characters (a marriage and a farmer) where power, greed and arrogance were part of their lives. Undoubtedly, the work of Stevens would have a genuine cast of luxury, where especially James Dean will highlight with his introverted and cocky farmer Jett Rink character, unfortunately this It would be his last film after his death with his Spyder porch (the little bastard) leaving us all with the question that more would have been able to give us this great actor in the history of the film without his terrible death. Next to him would be to Rock Hudson, another galan of the era that would get its only canditatura best actor in his career than perdederia at the hands of Yul Brynner with the King and I (1956) and Elizabeth Taylor, with his character’s Jordan Benedict throughout a goddess of celluloid and my favorite actresses in the history of cinema (unforgettable your role in that interpretative duel along with Paul Newman in CAT on a hot tin roof ())1958)). I make mention of the brief appearance of a young Dennis Hopper in his second film that took place and that curiously also had coincided with James Dean a year earlier in his film debut (rebel without a cause (1955)). As a curiosity that I highlight of the work, complaints from Rud Hudson with George Stevens by the alleged best planes that the director gave him to James Dean (although it is would also comment that with Dean Hudson pique was preceded by the refusal of the latter to sleep with him) and see a lush Carrol Baker making the role of youngest daughter of Elizabeth Taylor, more taking into account that in life real Baker was one year older than the aforementioned Elizabeth Taylor. For the role of James Dean the director had initially fixed in Montgomety Clift and Alan Ladd, as for the character of Elizabeth Taylor Rod Hudson in actors of the stature of Clark Gable and Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly.