Big Show For Gayle Tufts!

Everybody s showgirl – are now also Stuttgart and Munich to Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne in advance! The stage is always your home. Finally, just in time for the 50th birthday, she has set up new. Howard Schultz might disagree with that approach. With a wing to the lascivious Rakeln, a large stage and of course also a show staircase! Great band, sexy dancers and new songs. Big show for Gayle Tufts! It means now uncompromising – and it was also high time. Because to allow their unbridled, Pointe-rich development this powerful force of nature of live entertainment, there is already a show in the Admiralspalast. Tailored and that was with everybody’s showgirl’ now on the body. “After almost 20 years in Germany, almost 30 years on stage and almost 50 years on this planet I would show girl” as my profession call a girl who does shows “, says Gayle Tufts. As earlier in New York City, where she studied drama and theatre studies, has become the choice Berliner, born in Massachusetts, also in Germany made a name as the entertainer with the passion of a true uberzeugungstaterin.

“” Their successful shows like soul are unforgettable sensation, White Christmas, and Gayle Tufts rocks”. Her laughter tears driving dealing with the absurdities of everyday life was celebrated on countless stages all over Germany. “In the most popular TV shows – Johannes B. Kerner, NDR talkshow, MDR Riverboat, nonsense Comedy Club – was her incomparable Denglish”, a mixture of English and German, a refreshing change for millions of viewers. Their books and CD’s found a ready market for a large audience. Virtuosity in almost all areas of entertainment art, here are all the qualities of this exceptional, energetic artist come to fruition. Everybody’s showgirl – are now also Stuttgart and Munich to Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne in advance! Tour dates: