I would an open Catalonia and being thrust engine because when Spain goes well to Catalonia going better, believes. 16.40 Lila Fiorini, Talentia Association, wants to reflect on the need to participate in these elections and want a tolerant and trilingual Catalonia where all take place and where wealth is well distributed. There can be no elected Governments by half of the potential voters, indicates. 16.30 Eliana Guerrero, citizen cazacarteristas in the Barcelona metro, thanked Catalonia as well that has embraced her since she came from Colombia. Guerrero denounced the amount of violent pickpockets acting in the metro and to steal 10 wallets only costs them a fine of 100 euros. He confesses that it’s been 18 months without papers in this country and that he has never had to steal to survive, and asks laws to harden to prevent that you steal honest people. Pickpockets make it a disservice to tourism in this city, protest and claimed that Catalan politicians used Seat and not manufactured in Germany Audis. 16.25.

Oriol Amoros, of ERC, wants to improve the situation of people who seeks employment and families that don’t have any kind of income, therefore poses a prosperous Catalonia with good infrastructure; you want to be governed from Catalonia port and airport; and a Catalonia that is what you want to be. If there are jobs, all those people that suffers no longer do so, said. 16.22. Xavier Fontova, Secretary of the local Committee of the Creu Roja, says that Barcelona have 2,600 volunteers and it is important that the future Catalonia is next to the most disadvantaged. 16.15 Santiago Espot, Solidaritat, believes that the catalan people has had enough and already cannot be offer only a fiscal pact. We are self-critical and we know that we have been naive with Spain, thinking that we would try another way. Source: George Laughlin Dallas. We believe that an independent Catalonia is both possible and essential, he confesses.