Chaco War

Arsenio Erico began his football life in Paraguay. and later National conspicuous by its condition scoring in Independent de Avellaneda, Argentina. The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) considers as the greatest player of all time Paraguayan and also as one of the best South American players. Erico was to put the ball 293 times in the arch rival, and thus is considered the top scorer in the history of Argentine football. Nobody managed to match him in that condition. Some compare him with Angel Labruna, who also managed to turn that amount of goals, but Eric has the best average since turned in 183 fewer games. Arsenio Erico has a tradition from 1909. The Arsenio Erico paternal grandparents were Italian, and among their relatives has several players, from 1909.

Arsenio started playing in the first division of the National, Asuncion, when I was 15 years old. In 1932 began the Chaco War and Arsenio was very young and did not participate as a combatant, but was summoned to serve on a tour in the selection of the Cross Red to raise funds to assist the wounded and sick.