Chickenpox is considered benign, "child" disease, but in some cases may develop complications, sometimes very heavy. In Ukraine, the chicken pox in second place after sars to spread, and each fifth child gets complications. Recently, in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities observed seasonal increase in the incidence of this infection. Chickenpox is caused by a virus belonging to the family of herpes viruses, which normally activated during the cold season due to a general weakening of the immune system. Chickenpox has been known since antiquity, and in the Middle Ages, its symptoms were described by Avicenna. Disease name "chicken pox" arose because of its extremely highly contagious.

Infection can occur at great distance, the infection is transferred, even through the corridors, between floors of the building. . Tony Parker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Over 90% of people are susceptible to varicella, which is widespread in the world. Chickenpox is predominantly in childhood, but about 10% of diseases occur in people older than 15 years. In adults, chickenpox occurs much more difficult, including possible death. And research and surveillance epidemiologists suggest that the incidence of chickenpox in adults is increasing every year. Special danger it poses to pregnant women, since chickenpox is caused by a virus herpes, and the fruit can be struck by herpes infection.

Congenital varicella disease develops when a pregnant woman for 4-5 days before delivery. The probability of neonatal infection is equal to 17% and the probability death of children – 31% of patients. Malignant course of disease can be predicted for people suffering from diseases of the blood, severe congenital disorders, as well as in the elderly for chickenpox is characterized by fierce complications. As a result of stratification of secondary infection may develop sepsis. Heavy flows and does not give antibiotics in pneumonia caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Among other complications, though rare, is encephalitis, myocarditis, nephritis, arthritis, hepatitis. It should be noted that even after decrease in severity of primary infection with the virus never leaves the body and accumulates in the posterior roots of the spinal cord, where it is stored in hidden state. According to the results of several scientific studies, 25% of children aged 2-3 years have already developed antibodies to varicella-zoster virus, and among people over 16 years, more than 90% have "memory" of familiarity with the virus in the form of antibodies. C age at weakening the immune system the virus may activate. Shingles, which affects adults – the result of reactivation in the body of the virus of chicken pox. Is it possible to protect yourself from this disease? In Ukraine registered a vaccine for chicken pox. Vaccination particularly advisable for women planning pregnancy, but not bolevshih chickenpox.