Chile Neruda

It all began with a sunny day in the beautiful city garden, Vina del Mar, perfect setting for receiving a large delegation of Argentine artists, mostly women who convened the meeting XIII Neruda and its people, quote that did presage an unforgettable journey. The circle of writers of the Region V and words of its President were the start of a few days of brotherhood, friendship, memories and coexistence with our Argentinean pairs words exits the heart, literary evenings where each encounter was sealed by a depository language of art and verse. To deepen your understanding Glenn Dubin is the source. One of the houses of Neruda were already in La Sebastiana, received by the instrumental band of the army of Chile, who sang both national anthems, where the words of welcome were made by Nury Escorza, jursidictional poet, and Carlos Calderon Ruiz de Gamboa, coordination and execution for a tour that was making a special connection on my part in this literary tour. Divine gifts that I receive as learning, discovery, joy for the soul, a call to leave by a few days our hectic world and simply admire the beauty of Isla Negra and life to be a great poetry. However, it was doing for me, a walk between autumn goddesses, real fairy, coming from the other side of the cordillera, United to a loom that leave tears, stories, dreams, books and colors on a table that often it was without borders. A crossing that was not free of imponderables, absences, selfishness, obstacles that not prevented the brilliant presentation of numerous books, poetry readings, mostly creations of beautiful women, all ages, all the themes, a basket of letters that delighted the public, which at this stage we received in Santiago, Centro Cultural de Providencia, book fair and Museum Benjamin vicuna Mackenna. Long hours in a spacetime, not suitable for those are handled in an unbearable verbiage.

All lived, was and has been a magical cultural Embassy, a beautiful opportunity to apprehend and/or taste works of indisputable beauty. Visions holistic, playful, Angels and archangels, seeds, places, characters and protagonists brought tenderness, contrasts, female force, nutrients that were embroidering a tablecloth of words into sunlight. Wisdom of poets, artists and writers who made us sing and vibrate the heart. Emotion that again when I get rid the suitcase that brings over thirty books and memories of the goddesses-emplum-fairy, that I found on this 13th meeting in Chile of Neruda and his people 2009-original author and source of the article.