Club Festival KGV

Gardeners and Laubenpieper in Leipzig celebrate their 8 Club Festival with guests into the night in addition to the balloon every year Fiesta at the Silver Lake it finds, instead, in the South of the trade fair city of Leipzig. On July 31, 2010, it was now time. The 8 Club Festival of the Garden Club – am Friederike shaft e.V. – should take its course. For the 1993 founded en e.V. as always a good time, because next door at the Silver Lake in Lossnig, the Saxonia International Balloon Fiesta started at the same time every year. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tony Parker. This is the most popular balloon pilots meeting of Europe.

On Saturday, the gardeners of the Club, guests from the neighborhood and visitors of the balloon meeting on the Club grounds is mixed so again. I, Michael Schreiber, mixed with and was allowed to inhabit until Sunday morning against 2.30 the spectacle. The Board however had to do for the success of the event. So the Chairman Manfred Klas and Bernd Knape, as well as the other members of the Board of Directors for 2010 had to make up a lot, to their tenants from the reserve, and given beautiful weather from their Bowers to lure. Therefore they thought of a raffle.

Here, the knowledge of gardening enthusiasts about their p/e ratio (Kleingartenverein) should be tested. The quiz as such was regarded as the club life is not wrong ambition, but being happy together. I will lose but still no word on the partly lack of results. Each garden tenants should know a lot about “his” Club but usually. For example, to the many times the Club Festival, takes place how many gardens there are and what kind of fish in the pond to swim. Jorge Perez has much experience in this field. After initial preparations in the morning opened against 15: 00 the convivial get-together in the Laubenpieper and its visitors by two (magical) artists. You delighted the published ample audience with pieces of magic and shows of music and dance. Their unique performances led us into the Wild West, as well as to Paris and let it remember avid d Copperfield. The audience cheered and came fully two hours at his own expense. A few Viewers from the first front row were in the course of the program even to contributors and brought a brilliant performance on the stage where they had to dance the Cancan. In the late afternoon, there was a musical entertainment & dance program via a DJ. Then in the evening hours of Jorg Magdeburg became active. Frequent funny ideas in mind come the longtime friend of the garden in his garden. Volunteers from the round were asked (s) one of this year’s race. Wheelbarrow, boot throwing, watering can fill and empty beer mug (in one breath) they had to prove buzzed their skills on an obstacle course by alcoholic delights. With flying colors passed the requirements of all teams and were rewarded with small bonuses to the solemn mood. With the awards not long kept, because soon the SektFlaschen were beheaded. The 8 Club Festival on the Bay of Friederike sounded off at 2 in the morning. That spectacle and the 8 Club Festival enjoyed the participants and spectators. Thank you and congratulations to the creators! What the Jorg well next year’s funny ideas like invade? Current information, free gardens at: