Club Music

As with other style of music is no different club's popularity. In music such as the club is a lot of different areas (music). Music club – this is a very broad concept in the music world. In fact, if ask the average person, even a passer, he will say to you that the music of the tuber – this is music that sounds at various clubs and performs Dj. But it is not. To date, the music club has become popular not only in club but and also at home (individual listening).

Typically, the music club there is no clear text, it is of course that there are words, but it is quite a rare phenomenon in club music. Even if there are words in 99 percentage, they are the language of other countries (foreign language). The foundation of this style of music is rhythm. It can be smooth and not very much. Also, quite often is the use of transitions, smooth and not smooth. There are loops melodies. Let us now talk to you about some, I think the most important, styles that make club music.

Let's start with this style as Trance. 90s, this is a time when the shape that style. Its main feature, so to speak, is to repeat quite often, samples (short), who played on the keyboard, with each repetition are slightly modified. But these changes are only minor. The name of this style of music club, like a trance, in that man sometimes sinks. This is the main feature of this style. Music Style such as trance, forcing the listener to dive into a trance (trance). That's why this style is so named (trans). In addition to this style as trance, there are several basic styles of music club. One of them – Funk. The formation of this style were in 70th years. At his birth it was played live, and he was considered a style of music electronic. This Style is always able to cheer up the listener. Style as Funk, very original. Instruments that are intended to play this style: it is the piano (classical), guitar involved. Sometimes even that is used wind instruments such as flute and saxophone, trombone, too, is used. If I may say so, this style of vocals accompanied by a "black", but only intermittently. The next step in our third style of music club, and it is – Club / Dance. On Actually this is just mix of musical styles that are popular at the moment. This style, as well as the above I have just described, was born in the '70s. This style has always focused on the rhythm. Next in line we have techno style of name, but we have people write literate and Techno, it will be correct. This style of story development as the poor man's life, such as an interesting and sad. This style evolved from such areas as: House. In fact this electronic music. It is based on rhythm (synthesized). In this style there are subgenres: ambient, hardcore, jungle and many others. This style is preserved on the type of modernization. This style is a style of music rather how technology is often used the mix that makes the DJ (Dj). Subgenres and the style of techno is the music club. That's why the songs of this style, more music, mixed DJs.