Codes Of Dress And Ties

All men’s world have some ties in his closet. A man who gives importance to the style has many to choose. A related site: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez mentions similar findings. The big question that remains is, however: does that tie comes in handy for that occasion? What remains perfect at a premiere of opera, in the Office it may seem exaggerated, and at a small event between neighbors clothing for work can appear dull. Of course all stores for gentlemen offer whole armies of neckties, and also trade with ties on the Web is booming. But this, exactly, does not facilitate orientation.

So here are a couple of tips.In the Office, the standard are still striped neckties. Classic British stripes harmonize perfectly with a conservative Office environment. In a more progressive environment may agree stripes Italian, more daring, of various colors or with more complex structures. But it is better to choose rather opaque colors. Surely, you want to draw attention by their capacity and professionalism and not by his necktie. In addition, if you do not prefer a white shirt (best in conservative surroundings), shirt should never be darker than the tie.

When you go to the theater or the opera at night, the environment is more festive. While in the big premieres of works there is another that used clothing that is traditional, the tuxedo at other times can also take a black suit. The necktie, in these cases, can be bright and a little attention, but always elegant way. Classic in these environments is a faint silvery gray. A daring style Council: can take the tuxedo, instead of using a bow tie, with a tie in black. Holiday season of family or to go to the restaurant, you can dress virtually everything. The classics are e.g. Paisley designs, points or all-over prints. What Yes: no grounds for comic books! People who have spent the ten years of age, they almost always seem ridiculous.