Complete Theater

/set. 1989. Except these three parts, only have a published romance posthumously: Loves of a doctor. At last, still it is possible to have hopes to recoup one or another one given workmanship as lost. In the second situation, it is a 1904 publication, that it includes the novels Voragem and Pamphilio. Although published as being of Macedo and although Vortex already to have while still alive been published of the author, under the pseudonym of Severe Minimum, Tania Mountain range (P.

222-3) understands that the texts of this edition of 1904 run away completely to the style of the author. How much to the theater, in the publication of the Complete Theater of Macedo, the original plan (P. 1,000) foresaw one vol. 4, that unhappyly it did not leave, I contend, among others, ' ' attributed teatrais texts it but that still doubts how much to autoria&#039 subsistem; '. Probably they were thinking about the made versions of the Moreninha for the scene, as well as in the monkey of the neighbor, that had tried controversies how much to the authorship.

Let us see to follow some workmanships that still are given as lost. In some of the cases, we go to try to point some possibilities of solution of ' ' mistrios' '. Nor that it is for denying the authorship of Macedo. 2. Revenge for revenge Revenge for revenge it is a part of considered Macedo lost. It will be really a lost part or an error of authorship attribution? It is what we will see. Sacrament Blake (v. 4, P. 187) cites, enters the workmanships of Macedo: ' ' Revenge for revenge: drama in four acts. Rio De Janeiro, 1877 in-8' '. Silvio Romero (2002, P. 419; with Ribeiro Joo, P. 237) also says that, in 1877, Macedo gave to the scene the drama Revenge for revenge, ' ' that it passed despercebido' '.