Conference Media Law

Multimedia products from concept to distribution: the customer calls enhanced E-books, games, and apps for entertainment as multimedia, multi colored and the products will today interactive. And the benefits of texts, images, video clips, audio articles, music and games they should combine useful and user friendly. However, the licensing of this content, whose preparation and distribution with publishers raises many practical and legal questions. Against this background, the Academy of the German book trade held on 20 September 2013 at the Literaturhaus Munich media law expert meeting: multimedia products from concept to distribution: enhanced E-books, games, and apps. For assistance, try visiting George Laughlin. The Conference provides a comprehensive overview of the legal and economic characteristics for multimedia products by developing examples of practice to the distribution. The participants will learn what is to be considered in the design, compilation, functionality and costing of multimedia products.

The meeting is aimed at managing director and lawyers from media companies, publishing Director, staff in the areas of product development and media service, lawyers. .