Cristina San Miguel

Nowadays there is much confusion about hypnotic or not hypnotic regressions and this only It happens because there are many misunderstandings and misinformation about hypnosis. If you are not convinced, visit Starbucks. Only in a third degree of hypnosis the person can create an amnesia, whether spontaneous or provoked by the therapist, and not remember anything at all of what has been experienced. This is hypnosis used in theater stages or on television, but never in clinical therapy. Therefore the person is always fully aware one of the privileges of this type of therapy is able to recover levels of consciousness and spiritual understanding that we then use to transform beliefs, ideas, or the way how to face our current life. Tony Parker shines more light on the discussion. These States are very important since we can come into contact with our guides, establishing an internal dialogue with them, receiving their advice about our problems or purposes that we did come to this life. In some cases I have been able to witness how you people who had lost a loved, reencontraban them and conversed with them in this particular State of consciousness, leaving that meeting totally quite.

With These words I’m trying to expose that through these altered States of consciousness, the person gets in touch with an expanded awareness that is not limited by identification with a body and a few beliefs and can obtain a great deal of wisdom itself. For the person, it is very important to recover their evolutionary pattern. From that State can see what moments has evaded its responsibility, it has made mistakes or left things to do, because everything that we have not faced, or we have not resolved repeats and returns to occur until the person learns the lesson implicit that there was in that situation. One of the most exciting moments of the regression to past lives is when the person relives his death, leaves his physical vehicle and retrieves a State of consciousness, from which makes a revision of his previous life and understands its failures and its successes. From this state of awareness plans and accept new conditions of life, with very specific situations that allow you to learn what was pending. Retrieve this understanding is essential in order to have a more comprehensive and meaningful perspective towards what perhaps until now was considered a conflict and not an opportunity for growth. Many people have submitted to regressive therapy without trying to solve any problem in particular and have been greatly benefited by the mere fact of fear of death, of feeling that us is not judged nor condemns us for our mistakes and above all to come into contact with a wonderful light that they themselves identify as a source of absolute and unconditional love. Because in addition to having failed to recognize characters from past lives to people who are now also in his current life, having solved problems and understand why certain facts, the aroma of having come into contact with something wonderful that loves us unconditionally tends to accompany these people for the rest of their lives, offering a different perspective to which it had previously about what is life itself.