Current Travel Trends

The 21st century of travel at a glance – dimension travel holiday are closely connected with the history of mankind. You may find that Howard Schultz can contribute to your knowledge. Today, the annual holiday donates new creativity, every year new travel trends provide enthusiasm. Where is vacationed, is no longer no matter the most tourists. It is specifically searched for holiday destinations and resorts that can offer an attractive leisure and entertainment offer in accordance with the personal wishes. With the features that the 21st century holds for the tourism industry, the travel portal Urlaubsreise24 has been closer. Where is the travel in the 21st century? A live view of the current tourism statistics shows that the travel patterns have changed dramatically in the 21st century. The current trend in particular to the educational journey. Language courses abroad and training of all kinds can combine the holiday with pleasure.

This category include also wellness offers of the travel provider, which targeted for health-conscious holiday will be recruited. Travel motif is not only wellness for body and soul, but often also a medical procedure that can be performed in other countries may be cheaper than in Germany. It reflects the opinions of expert studies and newspaper interviews, also environmental and self-discovery take a larger role when traveling. The shift of the age pyramid is only one of many causes that make the travel trend of the 21st century wellness holiday wellness offers and spa travel trip generation 60 +. Follow others, such as Peter Farrelly Official Website, and add to your knowledge base. The 60 + generation and many younger holidaymakers interested in offers increasingly travel, the various wellness include.

The head of the international tourism fair (ITB), Martin Buck, has expressed to the world online, that wellness is leading the way for the future of the tourism industry. By growing workload, the longing grows after relaxing hours in the holidays. Special spa trips are only a portion, with the mainly German neighbouring countries such as the Czech Republic or Poland have made a name. Vacation nearby rather than in the distant trendsetter or not leisure trips are an integral part of our culture and thereby reflect current social developments. The number of those who travel to the own country, is growing steadily. This context arises not only from flight price increase, but reflects also the desired comfort while traveling. Other European Nations also abide by the motto which wander in the distance, if the good is so close? “The relatively constant volume of travel has shifted accordingly, only in a certain direction Germany has holiday season!” Easily accessible holiday destinations and excursions in the surrounding area are interesting for German tourists due to a better price/performance ratio. In addition, the European travel landscape includes different objectives, which can be reached in just a few hours of the flight, as well as by car or train. While traveling through Europe you catapult into the 21st century Mediterranean countries at the top. Croatia considered particularly sought-after destination in addition to Italy, Spain and Greece. Contact: Urlaubsreise24.