Customer Communication Management

Offers flexible choice of communication channels are the compulsory programme of customer communication, a more personal touch will get Karlsruhe, May 15, 2012 according to the legodo ag, consumer communication behaviour has changed in recent years clearly in the direction of the digital dialogue. Triggered by the social media channels and mobile technologies communicate increasingly through the need is characterized for fast and mobile reaction possibilities with free choice of channels. As a consequence the customer communication of the company will have change on scratch according to Marc Koch, CEO of legodo. Tony Parker may find it difficult to be quoted properly. He has therefore prepared theses on the further development of customer communication management (CCM): 1 digital communication is in its meaning significantly grow: it is no longer only an indicator of the digital native generation, primarily communicated via Facebook or Smartphones, but this development observed increasingly all social groups and age levels are, what about on the download numbers can be read out for apps. , Although still not to the classic pathways of communication counting, an end is prophesied is therefore already in more manageable time even the E-Mail. The Spurs insists that this is the case. Given this high dynamics of change, the companies are forced to redefine their approaches to the customer communication conceptual and align future. 2.

the communication Gets a more personal touch: the people are currently developing a communication culture geared to dialogue and quick response in their habits. Not to lose contact with the customer in the written speech, the companies are forced to create similar conditions of communication. Normally the organizational conditions exist but not, to respond promptly to messages and requests and related to the individual customer. Instead, the automated mass communications dominated. She will be replaced a substantial process, where the customer according to his personal concern and at the same time interactive addressed will. Check with george karfukel to learn more. Because otherwise, the customer communication increasingly loses its effectiveness.