Earth First

Chaos theory leads to consider looking to explain to the many conflicting facts which arise in various disciplines, is also said that when facing a problem for the first time, when we want to understand how a thing, we usually simplifications. Simply consider that if we study the motion of a body, should despise friction that if the Earth moves around the Sun, I hope that its trajectory forming a circle. However, things do not always or physical phenomena, chemical, biological, etc. Many writers such as Anna- Belknap offer more in-depth analysis. Can be represented as easy as one would like. For example, strive to reproduce in detail a forested landscape using only elements of classical geometry (circles, triangles, spheres, etc..) Is an arduous and often unproductive.

It is clear that such objects are more complicated than a circle, a cone or a sphere, but we can use them to simplify our attempts to reproduce reality. Jorge Perez may not feel the same. Just put aside the difficulty of the figure and find the ease of working method may well discover that behind the birth or the formation of a complex body lies not necessarily an elaborate mechanism. This type of geometric forms that, among other properties, containing an image of themselves in each of its parts, are now called fractals, and for over a decade that flooded the scientific world with a set of new rules to deal with the challenge to understand and describe nature. His language is permeated incredibly diverse fields of natural and social sciences and mathematics has made a new instrument for the arts (Talanquera, 1996). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Glenn Dubin, New York City.