Educative Reformation

The MEC does not have right to degrade and to corrupt free of charge to the Guarani, of the way comes that it doing. In any case, to even law nobody complaint. That it makes the same silly thing with the Castilian; thus, one will teach to Guarani-Paraguayan and Castilian-Paraguayan, so that – to short time we constitute ourselves in hazmerreir of all. I ratify myself in which the assumption Guarani-Paraguayan or jehe a (badly called jopara) is not another thing that the faithful demonstration of our linguistic and intellectual laziness. Jehe to is our excuse to continue sunk in the ignorance, the poverty and the misery. Whenever MMA listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Jehe to is the synonymous one of vaivai and the law of smaller effort. Jehe to is neither Castilian Guarani nor. Jehe to is the synonymous one of our mediocrity. In Paraguay that we must change everything is jehe to, like the milk that never is pure (half milk, half water). In spite of it, the MEC chose by jehe to, demonstrating in this way the absence of a true intention to improve socially. In synthesis, jehe to is more of the same, and I say this because – of the good intentions of the Educative Reformation our education has not improved more there. Nevertheless, still we are in time and if our intention is to improve, we would have to begin to rearrange bilingual education, replacing that effect the education of jehe to by the correct education of the Guarani, only thus – gradual and progressively we will be able to accustom to us to which ethically he is correct, academic and scientific; that, if we want to improve our education and therefore our country, doing of him a country in serious. Another way does not exist, and we remember that the Guarani can help us greatly to obtain that high ideal.

On the other hand, he is urgent that the MEC renders detailed account of the embezzlement of the bottoms destined to the implementation of bilingual education. Who will take responsibility of thousands and the thousands of books written in the supposed Paraguayan Guarani or jehe to, that they did not serve for anything and that as much time they made lose to educational and students. I insist once again that the people in charge of the application of that one project of bilingual education (1999) are also responsible for the commission of the crime of lesa mother country; because not only they corrupted the Guarani Language, or they squandered the money of the State; but they cooperated in the degeneration of the education, and – by consequence they are also responsible for the serious increase of the levels of ignoracia in the country. I hope that my educational colleagues know to choose between correctly teaching the Guarani in the context of bilingual education; or to fall in the misfortune of the Guarani-Paraguayan or jehe a. Them memory, that more than ever avae demands positions to us clear, coherent and ethical. The election is simple: vyrorei or one bets to the Guarani as much persecuted, repressed time and pressed.