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Forecast for 2012: rising electricity prices and heating costs expected every year again so in 2012: experts expect continued rising electricity and heating costs. To escape the Preiskarusell, consumer gas and electricity switching should consider. Who however relies on renewable energy, saves in the long run and free of future gas and electricity price increases. Electricity prices for residential customers to four percent increase next year, said the independent consumer portal Verivox. As a result, a more economical four-person household must reckon with additional costs of about 35 Euro. Typically, whose annual consumption is approximately 4,000 kilowatt hours.

To get higher costs for fuel oil, gas or district heating. Although the majority of the energy company attracts the rates, a change of electricity provider and the search worth yet for a new gas provider. So you have the second rent”more or less under control. Price developments remain still so rapidly, then the energy cost could nearly explode in the next few years. Therefore advise Energy experts of the ever energy group to a long-term solution: instead of changing the energy suppliers, consumers can get this year on renewable energy.

The installation of a heat pump or the installation of a photovoltaic system allows the owners a cost-effective energy supply and cost control. See also:… Electricity price increase: but the renewable energy levy increases only by less than a penny the next electricity price rise is due mainly to rising charges of electricity wholesale and network charges. The eleven largest operators announced average higher fees 6.5 percent, which partly passed on to consumers. Therefore, the electricity prices by a further two percent rises. A family of four must pay as a result about 17 euros more. In turn the wholesale prices on the electricity exchange, rise which suggests the consumer with around 15 euros. The renewable energy levy is the smallest item. The increase coincides with less than one cent in the weight and lifting cost-saving solution. Air heat pump generate electricity of around 3.5 kilowatt hours of heat from one kilowatt hour. That halved the costs that would be comparatively with heating oil. Who combined heat pump with a photovoltaic system, can get rid of the energy providers and take his power into their own hands.