Ernst Brinck

P R S S I N F O R M A T I O N – Ernst Brinck & co. GmbH to the aluminium tube, which reached a high degree of stability in addition to its low weight and the natural corrosion resistance is one of the most versatile construction elements. The conventional processing is cost – and time-intensive to create designs. It is not something movie star would like to discuss. Threaded pipes must be done exactly, welded connections are labour-intensive, dangerous and require qualified staff. But with “the right connection that looks directly very different. The modular construction kit principle Brinck has more than two hundred and fifty different joints which easily stable can be screwed together with the matching pipes. Credit: Vanessa Marcil-2011.

Thereby eliminates not only elaborate welding work, but also the required follow-up treatments such as plastering, priming and painting, because the Haaner company has been supplying coloured plastic powder coating in RAL colours in addition to technical anodizing. Safety rails, shelving systems, fences,. Audience locks or balustrades, Brinck planning service provides individual design drawings with the accompanying parts lists of the aluminium tube connectors and pipes. Conclusion: the cost in the production of tubular structures significantly reduce professional planning in combination with a simple and inexpensive installation.