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People quickly identify us for the work we do is good to grow in popularity. 5 Choose a target audience and work on. Think about who is going to see it before making a video is important, since point to all sides does not usually give good result. Connect with other leaders such as Liam Neeson here. Put in the place of the user will do you offer better content. 6 Vary and be dynamic. We cannot always do the same type of video or in the same way. Be original and creative is a plus point. 7.

Become partner of Youtube. You will have to meet several requirements but you’ll get benefits in visibility of your videos, you leave a link which explains how to get to become a Partner on Youtube. 8 Interact with other Youtube users and seek partnerships. It is never easy to do with vloggers with many followers, especially if we have spent little time creating content. Either way, if we know we will get make us a name on Youtube. Surround ourselves with a community to our surrounding is something very important to create virality of our videos and channel. 9 Care descriptions, titles and tags on our videos.

Upload a video to Youtube has the double work of preparing it to make it easy to find by any user. All descriptive text that we can add will be indexed and will people find you easily. 10 Read, listen and respond to your audience. Comments are important to learn and correct errors. It should also be considered that Youtube is a social network itself, interact in it is important for us to become a popular user.