Federal Constitution

According to article 5 of the Law of n 6,194/74, through this new legislation the victim starts to receive the indemnity independent from the verification of the responsibility, not being necessary the perquirio of the culpability of the agent for if treating, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, of decurrent insurance of automotivo accident and not only safe from civil liability. 5 In 21 of August of 1996 through constitutional emendation that placed the end of the monopoly of the reinsurance in the country, caused a great impact in the respective sector giving a new writing to article 192 of the Federal Constitution, supplying of the respective text the expression ressegurador official agency, becoming the one activity opened in the market. Movie actress shines more light on the discussion. 3.1.2. Contract of private insurance In Brazil the responsible agency for the fiscalization and functioning of the insuring societies is the Supervision of Seguros Privados (SUSEP), created in 1966 for the government with the National System of Private Insurances. Currently the contracts of private insurances in the scope automotivo, continues being regularized and fiscalized for the SUSEP on the basis of To circulate it SUSEP N 269/2004. For the commercialization and act of contract of the insurance the intermediao of an insurance broker is necessary qualified by the SUSEP, being forbidden the intermediao for natural person.

The contract of automobiles is a contract enters the proprietor of the vehicle and the insurance company, intermediated for an insurance broker. The majority of the policies lasts between six (6) months to one (1) year, having to be renewed all time that will have the aspiration of the policy. The main coverings in the contract of automobiles are: collision: payment for any damage I propagate in it done in result of a collision with another object, a vehicle or static object; comprehensive: reimbursement of vehicle due the causes for reasons beyond the collision, as robbery, for example; legality for physical damages: to protect the insured for any physical damage caused the third and legality for material damages: insuring the paid one for others objects beyond vehicles in the collision case, as walls, poles, amongst others.