Federal Constitution

Other countries of the Europe Occidental person had adopted, at the same time, similar behavior. In England it was promulgated, in 1907, a law of repairing of industrial accident, and in 1911, one another law dealt with the covering to the invalidity, the illness, the voluntary retirement and to unemployment forecast, becoming it, at the time the country most advanced in terms of previdenciria legislation. For even more opinions, read materials from Tony Parker. No longer Brazil the substance alone started to be studied in century XIX, although to exist constitutional forecast, isolated norms were only taken in consideration. In 24 of January of 1923 then the member of the house of representatives Eloy de Miranda Keys, with the publication of Legislative Decree N. 4,682 propitiated the initial landmark of the Social welfare in Brazil, instituting the Box of Retirement and Pensions for the workers of the existing Railroads. Sequel Youth understood the implications. (ARAUJO: 2008) The Social welfare is useful to the people who had contributed effectively, therefore only is of contributivo character, being that these have a right to some benefit after the fulfilled requirements.

Article 201 of the Federal Constitution foresees the institution of a general regimen for all the formal workers, that is, registered in cadastre in the General Regimen of Previdncia Social (RGPS). From the new constitution many complementary laws they had appeared aiming at to regulate all substance, entering in vigor law N. 8.212? Law of Custeio of the Social welfare and law N. 8.213? Law of benefits of the Social welfare, and still decree N. 3,048, that it instituted the Regulation of the Social welfare. In accordance with Castro and Lazzari (2001), the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS), that it substituted the INPS and the IAPAS in the collection functions, payment of benefits and rendering of services was created in 1990 and until today it is the responsible one in such a way for the collection, fiscalization, collection, application of mules and regulation, how much for the concession of benefits to the insured and dependents.