Feng Shui Energy

It has long been a man pointed out that the house where he lives, his decorations can have it both positive and negative effects. With the help of Feng Shui can transform your home so that be the master of it. Feng Shui – is not just decoration of houses, it is vital to achieve harmony. To the house had positive energy flow, get a pet. It is best to do according to the Chinese turtle suits.

It is believed that it protects the animal host of dangers. For those who prefer warm-blooded pets, we can offer a tiger or a cat. The Chinese believe that the door entrance by the stairs or on top of it – the bad sign. Ladder, of course, do not move, but to correct the situation is still possible. It is recommended to hang over the door mirror medium sized to reflect negative energy. The bathroom must be clean and tidy, the situation there should be as simple as possible. For the bathroom walls is necessary to choose the blue or blue shades.

If the toilet is in the bathroom, cut off his septum. On the toilet lid should always be closed, otherwise welfare will always leave. When the dining room and living room are located in the same room, an area where food is taken to isolate from the rest of the space. The person usually feels better when eating in the room with a high ceiling, if you can not physically increase the height of the ceiling, you should try to do it visually. If the corridor is long, hang on the wall of mirrors, creating the effect of wave-like motion. Much can also be done by way of wall decorations, pale lights and hanging pots of climbing plants, if space permits. You can improve the promotion of energy flow in an apartment with the help of devices 'wind music' bells 'sound of water'. Ticking clock on the wall also creates a nice background sound in the house. Each council must not be made redundant, as this may lead to negative consequences.