In the regeneration of a country cottage or country house there are priorities – water and heating at home, but the total heating, and the arrangement of the furnace or fireplace. Fireplace is not an efficient type of heating, but in the interior common room country house gives added flavor and the warmth and comfort of the living fire can not be replaced, no new inventions of mankind. Therefore, most do not have doubts, you need a fireplace or not, but just a question: where and how to make it. Over other heating appliances such as radiators, fireplace has many advantages. Firstly, it not only heats, but also contributes to ventilation without letting the air to stagnate, that is important in homes where no live permanently Secondly, fireplace stove warms up faster and faster to warm the room. Third, the device does not need a fireplace so much stuff.

But there is a fireplace and a significant disadvantage – Low efficiency, so that only a fireplace to warm a large house in the winter is unlikely to succeed. Fireplace – the center of the room. Next to him should be enough space to close to the fire to accommodate people. But in the same time, the fireplace must not obstruct the passage. In room fireplace may differ, depending on this form and fireplaces is different. Fireplaces can be either built into the wall, as adjoined to the wall, and free-standing. We built fireplace combustion chamber and chimney in an array of walls.

Their main advantage is that they have virtually no space in the room. The so-called semi-(adjoined) fireplaces not associated with the construction of walls, chimneys can be inside walls and outside. Open free-standing fireplaces have certain aesthetic and decorative characteristics, they are effective in operation and easy to manufacture. But such fireplaces occupy a large area. For the construction of fireplaces used brick and natural stone. Typically, a fireplace can be made of any material having heat resistant properties. The use of natural materials gives additional architectural delights. Natural stone can be as smoothly hewn from the identified patterns of stone, and not processed. Brick fireplaces often cover patterned tiles, especially if used for the construction of a brick is not very high quality and appearance. Additionally, possible construction of the fire, combined with the furnace. Furnace is used for permanent heat your home, a fireplace is an aesthetic role in the interior.