First Jacks

Another bad point – the low stability of the jack. To use it absolutely necessary wheel stops, and the car must stand at the highest level surface. Besides, the surface must be very hard otherwise the slightest misalignment install jack puts himself on one side, then prodavlivaya on what it's worth bearing faces. In Overall rombovye jacks firmly taken its place in the car trunk. Perhaps this is the most suitable option for small hoist repair and replacement of wheels on the right on the road. The next type jacks – rack.

At the core of such a device – a vertical bar with teeth or holes. Pick-up rack and pinion jack is moved in a vertical plane or with the rocker arm or a rotating toothed gear – then instead of a lever with a jack handle rotation. Rack and pinion jacks have been applied mainly to commercial vehicles. There are several reasons – first of all a big load capacity and stroke. Not least occupies a high efficiency unit, which reaches 85%. However, the design of ram rack has some drawbacks, the most significant of which is the size of the ram – in the trunk of a passenger car he will be manifestly closely. So, we examined the main types of jacks, their pros and cons. We now turn from theory to practice. How to choose the jack and how to use it? Here are answers to frequently asked questions. Q: What kind of jack to choose as shipped with a? A: First you should look in the trunk and spare tire niche – jack there are probably already there and it should be sufficient for all possible types of road repairs.