Flying Start From The Ground. Nicholas Terentyev .

This year marks 85 years since the birth of the playwright, translator, national writer of Chvashia Nikolai Terentiev Terentyevich. Born N. Terentyev in 1925 in the village Koshnory Tsivilsk Conty (now Kanashsky district of the Chvash Repblic). gradated from high school, Chvash stdio at gitis them. av Lnacharskogo Chvash State Pedagogical Institte. ij Yakovlev, Higher literatre corses at the Literary Institte. am Bitter.

He worked as a bookkeeper farm, a primary school teacher, actor and head of the literary section of the Chvash State Academic Drama Theatre. kv Ivanov. Terent'ev, nt known as a writer, playwright and translator. In his work the athor makes extensive se of folk tales and legends. His play 'The Earth and the girl', 'Goblin', written explanation of folklore, have become part of the repertoire of the Chvash State Academic Drama Theatre. kv Ivanov.

In the varios theaters of his plays set in 15 langages. (Bibliography) ct One of the first plays of the famos playwright, the national writer of Chvashia Nicholas Terentyev, called 'Flying start from the grond. &qot; This bying line, fond a yong playwright then, sddenly a lot of explaining, she not only reveals the idea of the work and presented the conclsions to which wold smmarize the athor of all those who gave to the cort of his first child, bt it existed folk wisdom, like a spell and a prophecy that people are being hatched for years, centries, and then somehow one is denoted by one- a word, compelling, sccinct and accessible, and finds a long life.