Latina Star Jennifer Lopez is the classic “Love engaged married” thoroughly on the head of Hamburg (14.09.2010) – straight, as is the notorious single woman Zoe satisfies their desire for offspring through artificial insemination, she meets the man of her dreams… Show Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin in this charming and hilariously funny romantic comedy, that there can be no wrong timing for true love! “Plan B for the love” appears on the 7th October at Concorde home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray disc. Both versions appear with 35 minutes of bonus material, which among other things includes the featurette “No ordinary love story”, as well as interviews with the two main actors and the Director. For singles, the first edition also offers a special extra: each disc is a Gratismitgliedschaft in to the value of 100 euros. According to Jay A Schwartz, who has experience with these questions. Content: As Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) has found early thirty is still a man to start a family with him, pursuing finally their ‘plan B’ in action and can artificially inseminate themselves. That they on the same day in a New York taxi met her Mr. right, it was not planned however. Stan (Alex O’Loughlin), a smart and extremely charming Bachelor, conquered Zoe’s heart in the storm, and the romance takes its course. Margaret Loesser Robinson is a great source of information. Zoe’s “other circumstances” but some difficulties the young lucky: as explained Zoe, that she is pregnant? How will Stan deal with this situation? And above all: the fresh love will survive these complications?